Florida Congressional District 05, Jason Sager is the real Conservative deal

I spent Sunday afternoon at a get together for Jason Sanger for Fl 05 , this was my first time visiting with him and I came away very well impressed with both his platform and his person,  As a person Jason is a regular guy trying to do the right thing and he is not embarrassed to tell everyone that he spent 4 days praying on it till he got his answer to go for it. Jason has his family and his wives family behind him in full and now a whole lot of Fl05 Republicans, he has said he will not run a negative campaign against his primary challenger but rather point out the obvious differences between a Reagan Republican and a government can do it all RINO (my words not his). As far as his general campaign it will include many things to appeal to Republican conservatives he is a strong pro life believer and is one of the reasons he was running against Ginny B.W. he is very adamant that we the people place the lock back on the chains that should bind government from interfering in our lives and while not believing he should play to the party line he says we need a new revitalized Republican party as the present office holders have gotten fat and lazy and are happy to be taken to dinner if you would like to read more on Jason his web site is www.standwithsager.com