Fl05 gets major change

Well today the race in Florida 05 changed in total because Ginny Browne Waite R declared her retirement (she is ill so she is not running away) the only problem I have with that is just like the rest of our imperial congress she feels she has the right to name her successor.
We have had a person (Jason Sanger) running since the first of the year he is running with the help of Tea Party advocates and many other conservative organizations, standwithsanger.com   
The problem I see is Ms BW has “appointed” the sheriff of Hernando County Richard Nugent to take her place as what she calls a concerned conservative.
I dont know enough about either of these men to generate an honest opinion, but I am having a difficult time being happy with Ms BW telling the county Republican committee’s that this is the guy, what about the primary I guess it doesnt exist for those in DC, this is the problem we are having with many of our Republican incumbents and I feel its time to stop it.
Yes I am part of my county Republican Exec committee and will be bringing this up at the next meeting.