Red State III and what to do with the problems

have been using Red State III since the inception of the Beta program and have had no real problems with it except for the last week or so when it seemed as though the whole world “stumbled” upon my favorite read.So how do we fix it? First thing I know it seems like a government program but no bull they need money to grow and survive, just a suggestion to all the professional people out there that read this blog cough up a little Hey I don’t make a lot of money any more I am retired with minimal income but I have been trying my best to provide a donation as often as possible to what I have found to be the best blog period.No matter how much or little any of us make we can all give a little to keep on getting the best information available anywhere.If all the regulars and semiregulars would give a latte’s worth of money every week (for us working guy’s a coffee and donut) I think we could help RedState to grow and become what so many people are looking for .If you don’t want to give anything “fine” but remember you thereafter you don’t have a dog in this hunt.Also please remember few if any of the moderators and editors receive any kind of payment from Red State, most of these good folks are working to get a good product out to you because they believe in the fight.