Citrus County Florida cancels the RINO'S

Early results from Citrus County Florida shows the RINO’S have been sent packing, the anti growth high tax rino County Commissioners Joyce Valentino and Vicki Phillips were defeated by a political newcomers Joe Meek and Win Webb who have both stated themselves to be low tax and pro growth with 100% of the vote total now in the incumbents lost about 2 to 1, Webb got 68.1% compared to Valentino’s 31.8%, Meek got 67% to 32.1% for Phillips. In a bit of a surprise long time Property Appraiser Melanie Hensley was defeated by another newcomer Geoff Greene 53.3% to 46.6%.The only commissioner to be given another chance was pro growth low tax advocate Dennis Damato. It seems to show that people are angry with government just doing as they please and feeling they are untouchable.Even though we are a Republican dominated County we stillneed toshed ourselves of these people who think they own it all.