The Watercooler ~ Traditional Marriage Amendment vote won't happen in Indiana

HJR-3 the Constitutional Amendment that would define Marriage as between One Man and One Woman. It was amended by State Representative Truitt ( R-Lafayette) to take out the part of the Amendment that bans Civil Unions. Mostly Democrats and Rs already opposed to the Amendment supported it.

The State Senate had an opportunity to reinsert the Language and declined to do so. The Amended Amendment will go for a floor vote on Monday.

Because of the Amendment process in Indiana which requires that a Majority in both chambers of The General Assembly pass the amendment in two separate sessions ( with a election between both Sessions). This change to HJR-3  originally passed under another name in 2011 will mean that the Amendment will not be brought up for a vote until at least 2016.

State Senator Mike Delph criticized some church leaders who opposed the Amendment declaring by “God is Love”. Delph responded in some tweets which have been ongoing and intends to announce ‘something’ Monday.  Delph is a strong supporter of the Amendment. His district is as well. Here are two tweets that started a “kerfuffle”.

Mike Delph is up for reelection this year, and while his district is solidly conservative he is facing a Democrat opponent hoping to capitalize on out of district and out of state money.


donate if you can.

I was thinking of going out of state to volunteer for campaigns in competitive races, but I might stay in Indiana this year instead and volunteer for Delph. He might need all the help he can get.

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