We have to do more then just "beat" Wendy Davis

Bill S recently commented on a post Erick made, and his comment kind of gave me the inspiration to post this.

Immediately after EE posted the piece about Wendy Davis and the restraining order, the usual handwringers, the same who continually bring up Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle, Todd Akin, and Richard Mourdock  as a magic bullet against any suggested primary challenge,  AKA “the Usual Suspects”, You know who they are, anyway they came out of the woodworks to criticize the post, question EE’s journalism and essentially play defense for Wendy more then any current Left-Winger today. ( they seem content to talk about Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell and completely ignore the ongoing FUBAR that is Wendy Davis’s Campaign)

The fact is it doesn’t matter if the “don’t use drugs” is supposedly typical “boiler plate” that is used on everyone receiving restraining orders in child custody cases, regardless of whether or not they were using drugs. The fact remains a Judge asked Wendy Davis not to use drugs, he might’ve done that to a lot of people, but most of those people did not run for public office afterwards.

What is more it builds upon an ever changing narrative that is Wendy Davis’s personal lifestory. Originally she was some sort of feminist hero: A single mom, a Harvard graduate, a person who raised themselves up out of poverty.

Now however we see the true picture and all of it combined can be summed up to show that she is just an overall terrible person. We kind of already knew that, but the social moderates might not have.

Why the focus on Wendy Davis you might ask? Because it isn’t just about beating her, it’s about beating the national Left.

In 2013 the National Left ganged up and destroyed a strong conservative candidate. They’ve done this to countless others. They haven’t just destroyed their political careers but they’ve also deeply impacted their personal composure. The only way the Left will stop doing this is if it happens a few times to them.

Also the point should be made that we have to do more then just beat Wendy Davis. Some of those above mentioned handwringers have called her DOA. They’re right, but if she loses by the same margin or does slightly better then Bill White the Left will conclude that Left-Wing extremism wins and all they have to do is “rinse, lather, repeat” until sooner or later the next Wendy Davis actually wins the election.

As streiff noted in another comment, if Wendy loses by slight margin then she’ll go on “to run for Congress”. The Left will run another Left-Wing Extremist four years down the road. Beating Wendy Davis by a landslide ( I’m thinking 61-39%) will send the Left a message they won’t soon forget. That Leftism doesn’t work in Texas and if they want to win they’ll have to start running “moderate” democrats, more moderate then Bill White. They’ll have to start competing for actual Right-Wing votes if they want to win, and in order to both win and keep winning they’ll have to start governing on the Right ( no matter how much it might irk the netroots crowd).

Beating Wendy Davis by such a margin MIGHT make the TX Dem party let go of the ghost of Anne Richards and start trying to function as a legitimate major party in a two party system, as opposed to the current “rump” status they have now with no statewide elected officials out of over twenty offices to compete for.

It will also send a message to the National Left that originates so much of their strategy from the NYC-DC corridor. And that is don’t shovel that BS down here, keep your coastal elitism and cultural degeneracy where it belongs, out of the heartland.

After this election Wendy Davis should be a household name among Left-Wing activists of the type of candidate not to support. The same way the handwringers who are so frightened to play hardball against the Left use the names of Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock.