10th Amendment? What 10th Amendment?

Remember all of those people who claimed the “libertarian” title which by extension meant they supported among other things Federalism and the 10th amendment. In fact that used to be a defining characteristic of the Libertarian wing of the GOP. These same people claimed that the DOMA ruling was a based on a strict reading of the 10th. These people spent all of 2012 and all of 2013 declaring their support of “getting Government out of Marriage” or “It’s a State Rights issue”

Now that a Federal Judge has cited Justice Kennedy’s made up legal precedent to overturn a provision of Oklahoma’s state constitution defining Marriage between One Man and One Woman, a lot of these so called “libertarians” are openly celebrating the degradation of the rule of law. The 14th has effectively repealed the 10th.

One in particular has left the party. He rarely contributed anything to it, except for when he was offended because Cruz prayed in public and also thought Cuccinelli was comparable to David Duke. He cited not the Ryan-Murray budget or the future cave on spending, but rather the GOP’s “tolerance of bigotry” as his reason for leaving. Ignore the fact that the GOP has bent over backwards to please the social moderates in recent years in nominating Mitt Romney. Ignore the fact that this man urged his followers to vote for the D in Virginia so that the GOP would “take the hint” and the GOP has indeed taken that particular transparent hint. Ignore the fact that the GOP is pandering to him, that in 2011 people did everything possible including insulting good friends in order to make him feel welcome.

Maybe it has to do with his preferred 2016 Presidential candidate faltering under the weight of multiple scandals.