The NRSC has lost it's purpose

What happened earlier this week is not the first time the NRSC has ruffled feathers nor will it be the last. The NRSC has lost it’s way. The purpose of the NRSC is to elect Republicans and attack Democrats. They like to wine about C4G and AFP and SCF not attacking Democrats enough, but the fact those organizations exist is due to the common belief that the GOP is not conservative enough. This belief existed before those groups were made. They were made in response to this common feeling, they didn’t create it or trick anybody into thinking like that ( I am looking at you Speaker Boehner.)

The NRSC isn’t the Chamber of Commerce, they should not be picking winners and losers in GOP primaries ( which is what looks like they’ll be doing in VA and New Hampshire), they should not be fighting against conservatives and operating as the Moderates’ campaign arm. They should be committed to electing Republicans period, regardless of said Republicans ideology.

Now maybe I can agree to the NRSC fundraising for currently elected Republican incumbents ( personally I think they should stay out of the primaries). BUT they should not be doing independent ads during GOP primaries ( usually identified by the disclosure “paid for by the NRSC”)
Personally I think the NRSC should raise a certain amount of money for each race they believe they will be competitive in ( let’s say 5 million) and then give that to whoever wins that races primary.

The NRSC’s troubles is do to a failure of leadership. Since 2005 the NRSC has been struggling. Under then Chairwoman Elizabeth Dole ( R-NC) we lost control of the Senate in part because the NRSC decided to pick a fight with Club for Growth and spend millions on protecting Lincoln freaking Chafee. Some of that money could’ve gone elsewhere like Virginia or Missouri where we stood a better chance of victory.

Their troubles continued under Chairman John Ensign who gave the Democrat Party a Supermajority in the 2008 elections.

Then the sour year of 2010 under John Cornyn where he flubbed a question about whether or not he supported the GOP nominee Joe Miller over Write-In candidate Lisa Murkowski, or when the NRSC backed Charlie Crist early only for him to switch to Independent when it became clear Marco Rubio would beat him, when the NRSC supported Arlen Specter only for him to switch to the Democrats and give them enough votes to pass Obamacare when it became clear he was going to get crushed by Pat Toomey.  And of course the disaster which was 2012.

Now the NRSC is being led by Jerry Moran ( R-Kansas) and his Vice Chairs for Finance  and Grassroots Outreach are Rob Portman ( R-Ohio) and Ted Cruz ( R-Texas) respectively.

This looks like a great lineup but Moran lets Dayspring carry on with his SCF derangement syndrome at the behest of Mitch McConnell. He’s let Mitch McConnell staff The NRSC with his people and use it as his personal reelection committee.

McConnell has his own problems and they are directly related to both his lack of leadership on key issues and the fact that he has double-downed on insulting different conservative groups.

And now they go full jackass in picking a fight with a Talk Radio host. You could pretty much write a book about “how to lose to a Tea Party challenger” and McConnell would fill quite a bit of it.

If McConnell loses ( despite all of his advantages) it will be due to no small effort on the part of Brad Dayspring and his partner in idiocy Brian Walsh.

The NRSC needs to cut it out. Let the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spend money on the candidates they want and the SCF and C4G ( along with Freedomworks, TP Express, and TP Patriots) spend the money on the candidates they want, and whoever wins the primary gets the NRSC support.