2X Update: VA State Senate Special Election: D6

There is a Special Election Next Tuesday for VA Senate District 6. This is Ralph Northam’s seat which is being vacated by him so he can go occupy the Lt. Governor’s office.

Now this is important because as of now Democrats will control the State Senate with Northam’s tiebreaking vote UNLESS Republicans take back the Senate outright ( which they haven’t had since before the 07 elections).

Wayne Coleman is the Republican nominee. He’s had one gaffe as it were, but it appears he may be gaining traction. Good news is he’s outspending his opponent State Del. Lynnwood Lewis. Bad news is he is out of money ( at least officially on VPAP) whereas Lewis still has about 20,000 left to spend.

Turnout is very important here. If you live near Norfolk check to see if you live in District 6, if you haven’t volunteered yet and you live in VA. See if you can do so. And most importantly if you live in District 6 vote.

Those of you who do not live in VA, consider donating to


Should the GOP win this seat, Terry McAuliffe will become an instant lame duck. No obamacare expansion. And all because of Ralph “don’t let me shake that black man’s hand” Northam.

Here’s a local take on it: http://bearingdrift.com/2014/01/01/a-second-wind-coleman-up-90k-cash-on-hand-lewis-down-to-only-13k/

Update: There is also a special election to fill retiring Democratic Delegate Onzelee Ware. This district rests almost solely in the City of Roanoke. Big time Democrat territory. However, Democrats are divided and Republicans have had some historic success in the past when that has happened. What is more Democrats could be caught napping. Most “progressive” sites have written his seat of as an easy hold. However Speaker Howell is spending a lot of money to help former Roanoke City Sheriff  Octavia Johnson (R) win this seat. He would not be spending money here if he did not have reason to believe Johnson stood a chance. Johnson as Sheriff endorsed both Ken Cuccinelli and Mark Obenshain in 2013. She lost her race for a third term last election.

Apparently the Roanoke Tea Party is made up of morons since in a bout of immaturity they are willing to sit this race out because Miss Johnson *gasp* supports the most important Republican in the Shenendoah Valley U.S. Representative Bob Goodlatte.  So if you live in Roanoke City, specifically House District 11, please volunteer if you can and most importantly vote this upcoming Tuesday for Octavia Johnson.

IF Republicans win this House seat they will control every House seat West of Charlottesville. This isn’t super important to win since the GOP already has a Supermajority in the House of Delegates, but it would be a nice win to have anyway after the drubbing the GOP got last election. It will also wipe out any gains T-Mac got in the HOD races last year.

You can get better details from this instate Conservative site:




This would be a good comeback victory after what happened in the General Election of 2013. And it would be one more check on Terry McAuliffe’s power, while at the same time making him an instant lameduck. It will also relegate Ralph Northam to being a high paid decoration of the State Senate rather then a tie breaking and majority making vote.

Most importantly it might serve as a check to Attorney General Mark Herring’s desire to ignore VA Law as he sees fit.

Bearing Drift had a more detailed take on it then I.