The Intolerable User Fees

You know we are all getting worked up about the Ryan-Murray Budget deal that raises taxes or “user fees” if you prefer.  In case you haven’t heard both the Chairman of the House Budget Committee ( Paul Ryan) and the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee ( Dave Camp) consider the new tax increases in the Ryan-Murray Deal to be “increased User fees.”

You see their argument is that people paying for services from the government should pay more for those services instead of “being subsidized by the taxpayer.” That logic is eerily similar to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) when she helped create the video that spawned “You didn’t build that”

You see according to Warren’s logic, all of the nation’s wealth because of the roads and other infrastructures businesses benefit from. After all they’re using government services ( roads) to help their businesses.

Nearly every tax can be framed as a “user fee”

Our founding fathers detailed a series of laws passed by Parliament ( including tax increases) as the “Intolerable Acts.”

Our founders helped organize the Stamp Act Congress to help repeal the Stamp “User Fee.” And of course the Boston Tea Party was a response to the Tea “User Fee.”

Sometimes things go our way, like when Jack Kemp helped pass Reagan’s “User Fee” reductions. Or President Bush’s “User Fee” cuts. Of course sometimes Republicans like Mitch McConnell help pass “User Fee” increases in efforts to stop us from going over a “fiscal cliff.”

For those of you who will be flying any time in the future, should this budget be passed into law, your airplane ticket will no doubt be more expensive then what you previously thought. You will have the luxury of paying the TSA more for the privilege of being groped by them. So as Erick Erickson termed this budget deal as the BOHICA Act of 2013. The tax increase, that’s not a tax increase, therein deserves it’s own name. Maybe the “Ryan Molestation Tax” or the “Molest Me Please, User Fee Increase”

In closing this is NOT a Tax increase. You are paying for a Federal Service and dagnabit you ought to pay “your fair share” for that service, no matter how much you don’t want it.