Chris Christie would be a Terrible Nominee

After Chris Christie’s massive victory in New Jersey earlier this November, many people have begun shilling for “Christie 2016” some of these people are conservatives that I respect, who apparently think Christie is an improvement over Mitt. That or they truly believe only he can win, and that he will govern more conservatively as POTUS then he has as Governor. I personally believe that not only would he be a terrible President, but that he would also be a terrible nominee. Here are several Extensive reasons why I think this.

1)His attitude: The “Joisey” Attitude of “I’m right you’re wrong, idiot” might play well in New Jersey or on the internet, but it certainly won’t play well in a National election. His attitude has created tensions within his own party, not just the primary voters, but Men and Women of Authority within the Party. Governors and Senators and Representatives.

2) His Ethics: When Chris Christie was being considered for Mitt Romney’s running mate, some allegations of misconduct were discovered in regards to his tenure as a U.S. Attorney. Nothing major but enough to scare off Romney’s handlers. The allegations were that he consistently went over his Office’s budget, that among other things he spent more money then necessary when on official trips. He spent them on more expensive hotels and food. Now perhaps this was just a phase in Christie’s life, but I know the type of person who tends to abuse his office’s privileges tends to do so again. We’ll get to see if this pattern continues as Christie will be the RGA chairman for the year of 2014. He will be spending a significant amount of time out of state making trips on behalf of fellow Republican Governors, and prospective Republican Governors.  If rumors start swirling about the RGA budget getting busted you’ll know why.  Another instance of questionable ethics is the fact that Christie included himself and his entire family in Tourism ads for New Jersey. These ads have the feel of a campaign ad, but were in fact set aside for tourism and funded in part by Federal Sandy Aid. These ads were aired over the summer to encourage Tourism to NJ’s beautiful Ocean front. These ads were no doubt seen throughout New Jersey.

3) His Politics:  Chris Christie’s politics might work well as a Republican in New Jersey, but his stances on several issues are farther left then some Democrats in Indiana. Namely his position on the 2nd Amendment. He has been in favor of similar gun control packages as passed in New York and Colorado. While he did in fact veto several of the bills he called for ( angering the General Assembly) he likely only did this to prevent any fallout that might hurt his National ambitions. He is a strong believer in the quasi religion of Global Warming. While he’s been critical of his State’s Department of Environmental Protection., this man is no friend to those who’d like to expand our Energy production, or at the very least will be painted as such. I honestly don’t understand why we’d nominate a man who holds similar positions as Al Gore ( of 2000, not current) on these two important issues. Christie would play well against someone as Far Left as Warren, and maybe someone like Biden or Clinton ( both of whom will be connected to a very unpopular Obama) but against any Outside D.C. Dem he’d be vulnerable.

4) His treatment of his Fellow Republicans: Chris Christie has a long record of being rude even to those of his own party.

a)He was fairly rude to the Romney campaign team ( though they were also rude back) and this goes back to long before the election and the “Obama hug.”

b)He was douchetastic towards any Republican who even suggested we had fiscal responsibility when passing the Sandy Aid Bill.

c)Quite recently I came across and article about how he forced Jindal to be the RGA chairman of this year ( Christie had originally been scheduled for 2013, while Jindal would’ve been 2014’s chairperson). 2014 is a better year for someone to make connections nationally. There are only two Governor’s races in 2013, one of which was Christie’s, The midterms have the most Governor’s elections out of any election year.

d) He recently tried to remove the Republican Senate Floor Leader and replace him with someone else at the behest of the Democrat Senate Floor Leader. The Minority Leader had spent a lot of resources targeting the Majority Leader ( who narrowly survived reelection) some blamed this for the fact that the NJGOP didn’t make any gains in the State Senate ( they were expected to make as many as 3) 3 other incumbent Democrats survived. However this wasn’t the whole story behind the removal attempt. You see the Republican Floor Leader had been getting into fights with his Democrat Counterpart for some time. Christie in order to appease the Majority Leader backed a challenger to State Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr. Junior is the son of former Governor Tom Kean Sr. who is also Christie’s “mentor.” Now the removal in this case failed, but the reasons behind it were petty. It wasn’t because Kean Jr. was too conservative ( he’s less conservative then Christie) or because he was too much of a moderate ( he wasn’t attacking Christie the same way Lincoln Chafee attacked Bush) he was in fact simply doing what any opposition party does. Oppose. Christie didn’t like it. The way Christie behaved is certainly not how someone ( regardless of whether or not they’re in politics) treats a friend. And since Tom Kean Sr. is considering Christie’s “mentor” and confidant, I assume his son is a friend, or was a friend. ( Christie has known Kean since the early 80s).

5) What has he done for Conservatism? What has Christie done for the National Conservative Movement? Nothing. What has he done for the National Party? Well he showed how to reach out and win minority votes. There is something to learn from that, but there were several other previous examples. Mitch Daniel’s 08 Campaign ( which got 20% of the black vote and 37% of the Latino vote) or George W. Bush’s 98′ Campaign in which he won a Majority of Latinos and 68% of the vote overall. What has he done for Conservatism in New Jersey? Nothing. What has he done for the New Jersey Republican Party? Nothing. He lost a seat in the State Assembly and failed to gain any seats in the Senate. Even gerrymandering ( and there is plenty of that) can’t explain away those results. He did didly squat for Steve Lonegan’s Senate race. He hasn’t convinced many New Jerseyans to join the GOP. I strongly question whether or not Christie will be succeeded by a member of his own party.