The Real Winners of the Elections

A lot of people are hyping Christie’s win especially in the context of who might run in 2016. They’re also declaring the Tea Party dead ( like they did immediately upon it’s birth as streiff reported) due to Ken Cuccinelli’s loss. While there is plenty to learn from Christie’s win including minority outreach, some of Christie’s appeal is really only limited to Christie. What is more I find it of no comfort to know that Chris Christie will be the new RGA chair. Why not Bobby Jindal still? he’s term limited and can’t abuse his position to fill his own campaign coffers, ostensibly the reason why Scott Walker can’t be the RGA chair. And why is Christie proclaiming his intention to “help Lindsey Graham get reelected”? What business does the RGA have in getting a U.S. Senator reelected, or interfering in a GOP primary? The answer is none. What is more Christie has a long track record of being a fairly selfish human being, who has abused his political office in the past, and will no doubt do so again as RGA chair.  Making him RGA chair gives him greater access to donors and places in his hands the responsibility of getting other Republicans elected. As his recent actions show Chris Christie isn’t even all that great in getting fellow New Jerseyans elected. Nor did he lift a finger to help Republican Joe Lhota in NYC ( surely Christie has some appeal there?) . It is also now known that Chris Christie did nothing to help his fellow Republican gubernatorial candidate in Virginia despite invitations to campaign together in NOVA. While Christie was under no obligation to assist Cuccinelli during his own election there are other incidents I take issue with. Christie who is quite openly building a coalition to run for 2016, might’ve found his running mate in New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez. Personally I’d prefer Martinez as the candidate not the running mate, but why did Martinez not go to Virginia? Not worth her time? If she was planning on a Potus run herself you’d think she’d take the low-risk gamble of helping get a fellow Republican elected in a Key swing state, not risk absolutely nothing in helping Christie run up the score in NJ.

And here is why I think Christie will be hurt by his actions that work only to promote himself. In 1964 one man campaigned more for Barry Goldwater then AuH2O himself. That man was Richard Nixon. While Rockefeller was openly defecting Nixon was putting in the time getting fellow Republicans elected. While Christie was focused on himself and bringing in reinforcements to pump up only himself others were fighting the good fight in the losing effort in Virginia.
Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal, and Marco Rubio were all campaigning for Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia over the weekend. They didn’t have to, they could have washed their hands of Cuccinelli the same way the Donor class did. But they kept up the fight and helped Cuccinelli draw the landslide defeat down to two. That’s the true test of character, and all four have it in spades more then Chris Christie, and apparently Susanna Martinez.