UPDATE: We will have another Shutdown

Despite what my title might say,  we won’t have another shutdown before 2014. Instead should the GOP gain control of the Senate we will be forced into a shutdown by this President. It won’t be over Obamacare instead it will likely be your typical budget battle. Something more along the lines of what happened in 1995. It could be the Ryan Budget, it could be the Republican Study Committee Budget ( more conservative) or it could be a budget proposed by the Republican Mainstreet Partnership ( moderates).

I’ve come to this conclusion from recent events. The result of this standoff has shown the President all he needs to do in order to win on spending. And that is hold out longer then the GOP. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell recently made a statement that their will be “no more Obamacare shutdowns” perhaps he means no shutdowns period, which if that’s the case then we probably won’t have a budget passed as long as Mitch McConnell is the Republican Floor Leader.  So either we will have a Shutdown ( in order to pass a budget) or we won’t have a budget passed until after the current White House occupant leaves office.

Why do I think that? Because if recent actions are to be considered this President, along with Democratic Leadership, are completely unwilling to sign onto any Budget that balances. And no Republican, not even the moderates, are willing to vote for a Budget that doesn’t balance ( granted the moderates would vote for a plan that balanced over 20 years, but not conservatives)


You see, We won’t have another Shutdown sometime after we take back the Senate ( 2015) no not at all. It’s not because Obama and Democrats all of a sudden decided to balance the budget, nope. It’s actually because Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has shown us what leadership as it currently stands ( Boehner and McConnell) will do if given both chambers of Congress. And that is a budget in which the Dems get 90% of what they want we get 10% of what we want ( said 10% is usually stuff we thought everybody wanted, like fiscal responsibility). And we will pass such a bill that raises taxes  or “user fees” if you prefer and call it a “victory” or perhaps “the proudest moment in Senate History” ( that last quote is from Mitch McConnell, in reference to TARP)