Don't Worry, the Left will save us.

With the shutdown ending in what appears to be a GOP humiliation, the Left is once again behaving like they’ve conquered the World. This is okay, because Conservatives have never been angrier before. As Kurt Schlicter posted on twitter he’s “motivated for 2014”. What is more if you remember how the Left behaved immediately after the election of 2012, the Media went into full circle jerk mode. “The GOP needs to moderate” “They need to stop being so extreme” Phony conservatives like David Frum and Jennifer Rubin joined in on this as well, and are currently doing the same thing. Rubin in particular has even gone after Rubio “Calling him a Child, who’s caved to Cruz/Heritage Action.”
Once the Left is done with their ecstasy, they’ll turn to their legislative agenda, which so far has no accomplishments. Maybe they’ll try gun control again and fail spectacularly. It is after all the first thing they tried after winning the Fiscal Cliff standoff. Obama’s approval numbers aren’t going to go any higher and the GOP’s will.

So to my fellow conservatives, let the Left gloat, pick up your gear and start digging trenches further down the road. The Left will save us because they think they’ve saved Obama’s 2nd term agenda and will soon find out how wrong they are.