The Water Cooler~ Delaying the Individual Mandate

The Defund Effort did accomplish some things though not it’s primary goal of Defunding Obamacare.

That is it made Delaying Obamacare a “compromise” something only this week Senate Majority Harry Reid opposed adamantly, and was willing to shutdown the government to do so.
It also distracted Dems from the Details of the CR. Had this fight not taken place Mitch McConnell and John Boehner would be looking to cave on the sequester, and other measures that have restored ( in part) some fiscal sanity to Washington.

Delay now has bipartisan support in the Senate ( something the Defund did not have outside of the House)

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has stated that he “could not, not support it” “it is fair and sensible” ” don’t put this on America now, at least give them a year”

With Joe onboard it’s only a matter of time until other Redstate Dems also join the “Delay coalition”. Had we followed Boehner on this issue we would be looking at a unified Democratic Caucus opposed to Delay just as much as they were opposed to Defund.

As always the Water Cooler is an open thread.