The Water Cooler ~ #StandWithTed

So Ted Cruz is having a “filibuster” / non-filibuster. He is currently talking on the floor, but due to a lack of votes cannot effectively stop the CR from continuing on to a vote, at which point Reid will amend it to include Obamacare funding.

So far I’ve seen Pat Roberts ( R-Kansas), Jeff Sessions ( R-Alabama) Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Marco Rubio (R-Florida) on the floor standing with Ted Cruz. I also know David Vitter (R-Louisiana) will oppose cloture.

One thing that stood out to me was Jeff Sessions saying ” I thank you Senator Cruz for your leadership on this issue”. Now that might just be an empty platitude but I tend to think Sessions really does mean it as a jibe against McConnell.

here is the link to the live feed on Cspan


As usual the Water Cooler is an open thread.