The Water Cooler ~ Defund Obamacare, whether you wanted to or not.

I’ve heard enough naysaying and backbiting going towards Jim DeMint, Heritage Action, Tea Party Patriot, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and several others. Marco Rubio strangely has so far escaped unscathed even though he was one of the first along with Cruz and Lee to jump on board the Defund it Bandwagon. Now is not the time to get cold feet. And if you’ve been naysaying against this plan from the beginning ( I’m looking at you rightappeal) save it until after it fails. At which point in time you’ll be allowed to say “I told you so”. The same goes for us if we win.

I was listening to the Laura Ingraham show this morning and she sounded like she was against Defund Obamacare. Her fears seemed to stem from what would happen to the GOP’s optics in the event of a Govt. Shutdown. These fears are legitimate, however its a bit late in the day for Laura to be expressing them now, and I am absolutely displeased that she would label it “Boehner’s plan”. Lets be clear this is not Boehner’s fault. If we go into a shutdown and then cave ( that particular event might be on Boehner) fail to defund Obamacare and then take a beating in the polls it will not be because of Speaker Boehner. If we win, if Obamacare is defunded with or without a shutdown, or if we gain some leverage without defunding and without a shutdown. It won’t be John Boehner’s victory. The blame or the credit will belong to Cruz/Lee/DeMint. They all three know it, and have accepted that outcome. So lets not start with the revisionist history.

As far as my views on Defund vs. Delay. They are both bad hands, but they’re the only cards we have. We should start with Defund if that fails we should move on to Delay the ACA for a year, and start the process all over again. The biggest argument for Defunding Obamacare now is to prevent it from having the extremely negative affect on the economy it will have. The biggest argument against Delay is that it allows the ACA time to start setting up some of the exchanges and other behind the scenes regulations before full implementation. Defunding stops implementation in it’s tracks ( If the President signs the CR). That being said Delay accomplishes the same thing as Defunding it. That is to prevent the outrageously negative affect on the economy this law will have. We are making this fight not for political gain but because it’s the right thing to do. So if we lose the Defund battle then we should still back the Delay strategy as a Plan B even if it allows the ACA to become further entrenched.

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