Why Virginia is so important.

Some my ask yourselves why the Virginia gubernatorial election is so important. Here are a few reasons why.

1) Virginia has become the key purple state. It’s  Cook PVI is directly EVEN. All other purple states ( Colorado, Nevada, Ohio, Florida) are either pro-R or Pro-D.  In order for a Republican to win in 2016 he almost surely has to win Virginia. Virginia is also a former redstate. Cuccinelli losing doesn’t spell doom for the GOP in 2016, but it does spell doom for Conservatives. If a full-spectrum Conservative like Cuccinelli loses in Virginia while a RINO like Chris Christie wins ( by a massive landslide) in a state like New Jersey, you can almost guarantee that Christie will be our nominee in 2016. In part because nobody with money will believe a guy like Cruz would be able to win Nationally.

2) It’s the only competitive gubernatorial election this year. The election of 2009 was viewed as a harbinger of 2010 and while this year should not be viewed the same way win or lose, it will. Big Donors will be less willing to donate to the GOP if they lose in Virginia, and Democrats will be able to court their donations better with a victory then a loss.

3) Virginia Governors tend to run for Senate after they’re term limited. Tim Kaine is up for reelection in 2018 one year after whoever wins this race is term limited. If McAuliffe wins he’ll serve as Governor and then leave most likely. If Cuccinelli wins and develops a high approval rating he’d be the premier candidate to take on Kaine, and Virginia has a very weak bench at the moment.

4) Virginia is one of the fastest changing states in America. A full spectrum conservative like Ken would drive Liberals bonkers. Both within Virginia and without.

5) I’ve got family members in Virginia, and several of redstate’s commenters live in that state. Including front pager contributors streiff and Neil Stevens. A McAuliffe governorship would be terrible for Virginia. At best he’d be limited in his responsibilities and simply be an embarrassment to the Commonwealth. At worst he’d be as incompetent as he was at Greentech automotive and bring the Old Dominion as much failure as he did with them.