The Water Cooler ~ Jennifer Rubin's continued delinquency

You should read that opinion article by Jen Rubin, before commenting. Some redstate commenters may agree with her statement that Rand Paul should never be commander-in-chief. Some most certainly will not. That however is not my beef with this article but rather her labeling Ted Cruz an “isolationist.” Other than the fact he opposes U.S. intervention in Syria via Arming the Rebels ( Al Quada) there is nothing to suggest Ted Cruz is a non-interventionist. He’s never taken a position against the War on Terror or the Iraq War. Even Rand Paul is not an “isolationist” but rather an extremely limited interventionist on the border of isolationism. Peter King has used the “isolationist” term on multiple occasions to describe Ted Cruz. It really seems to me that people like King and Rubin are simply using the term to discredit fiscal conservatives who take domestic policy positions they don’t like. King in particular is upset with Ted Cruz for voting against the pork-filled sandy aid bill. King is a man who has been working with democrats to pass his own backgrounds check bill. He is completely unapologetic when it comes to his use of earmarks and in fact thinks they should be reinstated. King’s only claim to conservatism is that he is strong on national defense, and in light of his efforts to arm Al Quada affiliates in Syria, I think even that can be called in to question.
So it is an honest question that I’d like to have answered. What has Ted Cruz done to be labeled a “isolationist”?

In other news Australia will be having a Federal Election and it looks like the Liberal-National Coaltion ( Right-Wing) will gain a majority for the first time since John Howard’s premiership during the height of the War on Terror. This is a good thing since it looks like the WOT is heating up again and Australia is one of our most reliable allies, especially when led by Conservative prime ministers. The Labor Party there is making the same ridiculous accusations that Democrats make of our increasingly non-committal leadership. In particular they are running their own “Blame Bush meme” by blaming Howard ( who has been out of leadership and Parliament for quite some time) and also declaring the dangers of “austerity” and the ruthlessness of LNP’s desire to reduce spending and eliminate the carbon tax ( anti-science). I highly doubt the LNP is suggesting anything radically conservative. Most right-wing parties outside of the U.S. have more in common with RINOS and Blue Dogs then they do with actual Conservatives. Some members of the Australia Twitter nation were extremely upset by “American Self-Centeredness” when Tea Partiers high jacked their #imvotingliberal hashtag to make fun of American Liberals.

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