Updated:Heritage Action Town Hall, Indianapolis

I had the privilege of attending the Heritage Action Town Hall in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was the first stop on their second leg of the Defund Obamacare tour. Senator Jim DeMint was there as was State Treasurer and former Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock. Three members of Congress were there. Randy Hultgren of Illinois, Marlin Stutzman of Indiana’s Third District, and Todd Rokita of Indiana’s Fourth District. All three have signed on to the #DefundObamacare effort. Thanks Erick for giving me the links to register or else I probably wouldn’t have gone. Rafael Cruz had the opening prayer, it was beautiful, my Father was a bit teary eyed after it. Unfortunately I didn’t get it on video. However Rafael did have the closing speech and I recorded all 20 minutes or so of it. I’ll upload it below.
UPdated, There is a youtube link to the video of Rafael Cruz speaking. Let me know if you have problems viewing it.

Here are some pictures from the Town hall, held in Downtown Indianapolis at the Hilton Hotel.

I’m having problems with the pictures. Could use some help, I’m currently uploading the video on youtube, and should have a link ready later tonight.

For those who haven’t yet, go ahead and sign the petition to defund obamacare.




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