The Watercooler ~ 2014 News.

Recently its been discussed by various news outlets that Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, is currently considering a run for Senate in Wyoming in 2014. The only problem is the fact incumbent Republican Senator Mike Enzi doesn’t look like he wants to retire. There is little reason to get rid of Enzi at least based on votes. He’s been fairly conservative, but he isn’t a fighter, and Liz is. I think its time for new blood, but any primary challenge must be clean, no dirt kicked up or thrown, if Liz does that she’ll lose, and will probably not have much of a future in Wyoming. The only thing I could see Cheney going squish on would be the marriage issue, but her op-ed in the Wall Street Journal suggests otherwise. Here is the link and I suggest you read it.http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324105204578384692398126294.html

I’d like to think she’d be an addition to what we here at RedState have started to affectionately call “the Fight Club” which is currently made up of about four Senators:

Rand Paul of Kentucky

Mike Lee of Utah

Ted Cruz of Texas

and the often overlooked Tim Scott of South Carolina

This group seems to have a libertarian tilt, Cheney would bring a kind of Neoconservative Balance to it.

In other news it seems Karl Rove decided to run another hit piece against a prospective Republican candidate for Senate. This time it was Justin Amash, who is considering a run for Senate in 2014. Karl Rove called him the “most liberal” Republican despite having a 100% score from Club for Growth and a similar score from Heritage Action. I suppose Rove was citing National Journal’s ratings which had him as one of the most liberal because of how often he bucks the party line. Because we here at RedState know how much towing the party line makes one a “conservative.” That being said I do think Amash should stay in the House. The last time there was an open Senate Race in Michigan was 1994. Spencer Abraham won that but was promptly booted out after one term in 2000. This is likely to happen again if the GOP wins this seat in 2014.
Would you rather Amash serve in the Senate for 6 years or the House for 12?


Sarah Palin has also floated the idea of running for Senate in Alaska. My question is this, should Redstate start shilling for a Palin run will the C4P nuts get off our backs, and if so do we want to?

Here is a favorite quote from one of them.

“Actually, I think Governor Palin would be BETTER than President Reagan in every way. She’s a natural leader with incredible political instincts. Besides, Reagan is HER [and my] favorite president She’s studied him, learned what he did right, but more importantly learned from his mistakes. Her 20 year record in elected office proves that.”

Finrod will know who that particular person is.


Checkmate2012 once did a Watercooler and so I figured it’d be okay with WCP.

As it is with them the Watercooler is an open thread.

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