The Choice Presented to Us

Many people have posted diaries on this site since the Presidential Election of 2012. Many people both within the Republican Party and without have discussed ways to reinvent the brand. Many of these people are dithering morons. We have a choice presented to us as Conservatives. This choice is not of our own choosing mainly because until now we have been content to vote for the Republican in the general election. We as a online community and as an ideology have continued this policy atleast since Barry Goldwater if not before. The choice we make will be determined not by our own actions but by the actions of the Republican Party. Right now the Left is getting increasingly violent and overconfident. Some contributers like Moe Lane believe that the Democrat Party and Progressives in general are about to commit overreach. These people are already predicting a Republican takeover of the Senate. I personally subscribe to this opinion but it really all depends upon the actions of the Republican Party and Reince Priebus.

Right now if the GOP were to follow the advice of Karl Rove and others it would appear that they are going to moderate on nearly every issue. It has become an internet meme to discuss how radically right the GOP has become. I like to point out that nearly ever facet of the current Republican Platform is relatively unchanged from the days of Ronald Reagan. I  would also like to point out that never before in the history of this nation has the current Democrat position of Class warfare, to the extent that it is blatant marxism if one should remove the words “middle class” and insert “proletariat,” ever been considered mainstream. I personally find it humorous that people actually expect the GOP to radically move to the left ON EVERY POSITION because of a few narrow electoral defeats when these same people have spent the last twenty years to make the Democrat Party even more liberal despite such glowing voter approval of such candidates as George McGovern and Walter Mondale. These massive defeats never forced the Democrat Party to rethink its positions, and far smaller margins of defeat in 2008 and 2012 shouldn’t mandate such a response from the GOP.

Sometimes I think it would be better if the GOP were to bite the bullet and compete with the Democrats for the Left’s vote. That way Conservatives could form their own solid voting block while the left squabble. It would be an uphill battle to create a political party from scratch as many on this site already know which is why it is the official policy to vote conservative in the Primary and Republican in the General. If we do decide to create a third party it will be because the GOP has ceased to support even remotely any of the conservative ideals we hold so dear.

I would like to remind the GOP what the results of that strategy is. The “Progressive Conservative” is incapable of competing with the Left. The party that advocates fiscal conservatism and nanny state paternalism cannot compete with the Big Brother willing to give the child the keys to the liquor cabinet. And that is exactly what WE face if we reject social conservatives. I would like to say I’m not advocating an outright rejection of Libertarianism, in fact I think that social conservatives and Republicans in general could stand to become more libertarian in their view of the Federal Government. I am however pointing to the people who think “Big Government Conservatism” will get us anything more than more national defeats. Look to Britain if you don’t believe me. Right now they have formed a coalition government with Liberal Democrats and could quite possibly lose the next election to the Labour Party. When John Major became the Prime Minister and outrigh rejected Margaret Thatcher in a similar manner that George H. W. Bush rejected Reagan he created the stake later driven into Britains heart by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. You see conservatives can’t rely on squishy independents and liberals to compete against the even more liberal party. They can only successfully wage war with the support of conservatives. You can’t gain their support by repeatedly buying into the Lefts arguments and tacitly agreeing with the belief that conservatism alone is inherently heartless. People don’t vote for those who don’t respect them. Thats why many thatcherites don’t vote in Britain and won’t vote for David Cameron and why the Conservative Party is fighting in the words of JRR Tolkien the “Long Defeat.”

We as conservativse can choose to passively allow the Left to define our platform, to gain the first down, to set the agenda; or we could reject such cynicism and instead devote ourselves to the same battle our forefathers fought, when they fought and lost against FDR and Truman, against JFK or LBJ or even Richard Nixon, when they fought and won in 80 and 84 and even 88. The Choice is ours as conservatives and the choice of whether or not the Republican Party is the vehicle of such success is up to them. Lets hope and Pray even that the RNC makes the RIGHT choice.

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