CPAC are you mad?

This is my first diary post and it is going to be short, this is mostly going to be a question and I’d like to hear peoples’ thoughts on this.

Number one we have of course the Conservative Political Action Converence holding their annual meeting. There are some notable absences and with good reason. The highest profiles missing are Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell, Governors of New Jersey and Virginia respectfully. The reasons for their absences are already well known to many people on this site. In short they turned in their conservative credentials in exchange for populism. I am not regretting their absence but instead I am taking note of a lack of consistency. Number one Jeb Bush was invited and quite frankly he really isn’t anymore conservative than either Christie or McDonnell and unlike either he is not a sitting U.S. Governor. Mitt Romney was also invited. I don’t really think I have to go into that. My biggest pet peeve is the fact that Donald Trump was invited. Trump is just as liberal as Christie if not more so, in fact his only claim to conservatism is that he endorsed Birtherism and made Obama show his birth certificate. Birtherism is a conspiracy theory with little to no grounds in reality. Personally I think this little sideshow helped Obama politically and may even have been encouraged by him.

So in other words Donald Trump managed to generate enthusiasm among a bunch of lunes who called themselves conservatives and now he gets to label himself conservative.

If CPAC wants to be taken seriously they must stop inviting these type of people to events. Tell “the Donald” to leave his check at the door and go home. You can write him a thank you card but by no means let him give a speech.

Is there any other Liberals CPAC invited that I failed to mention? If so please leave their name in the discussion box.