Atlas will shrug

When will the usurpations of the government become more than, we the producers, can indure?

What will the choices be? Many will say if you can’t beat them, join them. Many will move their business and families underground. How many will say enough?

These are not the dark thoughts of someone gone mad, they are the reality we face. In the course of human history the status quo is the powerful state. Only the self-governing institutions of Individual liberty, a right to life, private property, on these pillars is free enterprise built. Who has defended these lately? Where will the shrug start? Who will be first? There are hints and clues all around you. The American Catholic Bishops have stated that if Obama in acts the Freedom of Choice Act they will shut down ALL catholic hospitals. This is the largest not for profit hospital system in the US. It will be like losing the Big Three Auto makers. The left will call them religious bigots and say good riddance. St Jude’s the premier pediatric oncology hospital in the world is in the system. Hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost. But when forced to close or perform abortions, what choice will the Catholic Church have?  The church will have no choice and the government will seize the hospitals to “save the jobs”.


The current Big 3 plus Tesla motors government take over is designed to “save the jobs”. We are nationalizing part of the auto industry. When will the government drive out or take over the rest? I for one will never buy a Big 3 car for as long as the UAW exists.


Where do we start?