Am I missing something, or are the polls just wrong?

On this “…spread the wealth around…” statement:I think the important nugget in this, essentially, socialist message should be revealed. It is an Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Franks/ big spending government plan that takes money from people who have earned it so it can redistribute it in the form of the big government social programs Democrats are so fond of (moreover, with no effective checks or balances). I think people associate “spreading the wealth” as a way to balance a general concensus view that few people have way too much wealth and Obama is an equalizer. It might be effective to counter Robin Hood popularity by convincing the people that instead of fattening government coffers with what little money the American people have left, the McCain/Palin admin will actually seek to prosecute the people involved in corruption.

Other points Increasing corporate taxes is a political hat trick. Corporations don’t pay taxes, the American public pays their taxes. Corporations pass the increases onto consumers, or they cut employees, or they move out of the country.

So Obama raises taxes to increase spending on social programs that are almost inevitably either inept, corrupt, or both.McCain sustains lower taxes by eliminating Government waste and demanding efficiency.

Obama raises unemployment by raising corporate taxes. McCain stimulates job growth by lowering corporate taxes.

Obama will give corrupt politicians and company fatcats a pass. McCain says he’ll name names and put a stop to the game.

Obama is against foreign trade with friendly countries like Columbia.McCain supports foreign trade with our friends and allies.

Obama wants direct, unconditional communications with dictators and madmen the likes of Castro, Chavez, and Ahmadinejad.McCain does not curry favor nor does he lend credibility to our enemies.

Obama waffles around on energy applications, especially drilling here and now and in a location that actually has promise of oil and gas.McCain wants all alternatives, plus a drill now bridge to independance.

I’d like to ask, “who does Obama think we are fighting in Iraq”? Obama consistently seeks to leave our blood and treasure in the sand and retreat in the face of victory. Over 4,000 sons and daughters would have died in vain and Iraq turned over to Al Quaeda and Iran, just so Obama could say “I am the one who ended the war”.

Are the differences not clear, are the polls wrong, or do people actually want higher taxes, bigger government, weaker military, etc????

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