A few suggestions for the president elect -- You'll cement your conservative support and have the love and adoration you so richly desire

Progressives, drive-by elite media, etc – get a grip!  You’ve been shoving progressivism down our throats for decades and now you’ve been made to pay the price for your arrogance.  You do not outnumber freedom loving, constitutionally minded Americans, we outnumber you.  I know it’s going to fall on deaf ears but you ought to show some humility and do some introspection of yourselves and your positions if you want to recapture ANY dignity, not to mention your credibility.

Don’t pardon Clinton! Are you kidding me?!? If she’s allowed to ride off into the sunset w/o a tough and thorough investigation it would be … INSANE!!

Will ANY progressive be held to account, for ANYTHING?!?!

Perform a thorough investigation and, if warranted, put her on trial. AFTER, if you want to pardon her to heal the country, feel free. WE CANNOT LET THIS GO. She has a decades long record of lying and corruption and, if she’s guilty of crimes, she needs to be held to account/punished!! I’m pretty sure a decent investigation will prove criminal wrong doing. We need to find out what happened and it’s extent. Especially the Clinton foundation. You’re telling me a special prosecutor can’t nail her for multiple counts of fraud/quid pro quo w/ her State department favors?!?

No accountability for judges who clearly qualify for removal from the bench for bad behavior. I can think of a few instances lately where the supreme court has ruled AGAINST THE TEXT OF THE CONSTITUTION and EXCEEDED THEIR AUTHORITY!!  Others for legislating from the bench which is a clear, open and shut exceeding of the authority granted to them.  I’m pretty sure violating the text and the constitution and exceeding your constitutionally defined powers is a straight line to bad behavior and thus should disqualify you from being a judge permanently and open you up to charges for doing so.

There is a lot of stuff happening at the local level with judges enforcing stupid laws that somehow make it ok to sue someone who refuses to make a wedding cake or participate in a gay wedding. Christians have no first amendment protection?!? Quite a few judges qualify for removal from the bench for bad behavior. The legislators who passed the unconstitutional nonsense at the state and local level need to be held to account as well [A good idea/way to go after those who refuse to stop being sanctuary cities for starters.]  If your smart .. I see the future, it involves a VERY busy department of justice going after ACTUAL injustice.

The Blaze had a documentary about how the state department corruption is so deep they protected a child rapist!! I’m pretty sure Hillary was secretary of state or maybe John Kerry. The state department is such a rats nest which must be fully cleaned out and rebuilt from the ground up.

I hope Donald Trump fires them all, ALL OF THEM

Ditto the IRS – replace the staff with it’s victims. De-weaponize them. Make them give probable cause and present a case before they proceed with any garnishment, audit, etc.  And they need to do so to an independent federal court.  Not some quasi IRS court where you’re guilty until proven innocent.

Environmental Protection agency. Fire EVERYONE. Staff w/ the victims. Use the operating funds of this agency to make restitution to all of the victims of abuses. The EPA should have one regulation and ONLY one regulation. It should read exactly as follows: Global Warming is an acknowledged and discredited hoax. THE US GOVERNMENT HAS NO ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATORY AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER!

Federal Communication Commision. Fire EVERYONE. Make the public head of this agency publically apologize for the obscene gesture of attempting to regulate the internet. If he doesn’t apologize, Trump ought to haul him out in front of the press in the press room and publicly sack him in front of everyone and clearly state this action is being taken because he’s too stubborn and too arrogant to apologize to the american people.

Staff the FCC with individuals subjected to injustice and deregulate ALL OF IT. Turn over it’s functions hook, line and sinker to the private sector. Maybe the FCC made sense when they only regulated telegraphs. EVERYONE knows deregulation of the internet and communications will lead to an even greater golden age for the internet, telephone, and the rest.

agencies that OUGHT NOT EXIST
EPA, FDA, FCC, DOE [energy and education] to name a few

State Department FIRE EVERYONE.

Restaff all of them with freedom loving, constitutionally minded, decent people who swear to uphold the constitution and understand they are not to regulate, and to simply enforce regulations in the original text of the last that created them in the first place AND NOTHING MORE

The head of the department of education ought to publicly step down and apologize for decades of progressive indoctrination.

The DOE needs to be de-weaponized, massively cut, and every regulation they’ve enacted from the beginning of time needs to be erased. They should facilitate returning full control of all education functions to the states and individual communities.

VA – an obscenity.  They need to be completely dismantled and turned over to the private sector hook line and sinker to be staffed and run.  Veterans should have a credit, say 10,000 to 20,000/year they can use to purchase the insurance option of their choice.  For those who are medicare eligible the ought to get a choice between a Medicare Supplement & PDP combo w/ any carrier.  They can use the fund to pay all of the premiums and the PDP copays.  the PDP offerings should have full Wrap coverage or UHC NPPO plan w/ $0.00 MOOP for their medical expenses and a PDP plan w/ VERY low copays maybe $0-$10 and custom full coverage through the coverage gap, a MOOP on prescription drugs and 0.00 for everything in the catastrophic stage.  This should be w/ available coverage for spouses and medicare eligible dependents.  At least until medicare is reformed.  There should be special exemptions to get around the nonsensical Medicare regulations.  It could be a simple addition: WHATEVER THEY NEED FOR AS LONG AS THEY NEED IT!  The left over credit can go into a FSA to pay for prescription drug cost and other medical expenses of their choosing.

The non-medicare eligible VA retirees should get the plethora of cool Federal Employee health plan/PDP offerings for their medical and prescription drugs.  The credit can be used to pay for their premiums and copays through a FSA or similar vehicle.  The VA facilities could go up for bid and private entities could take over.  The money generated from the sale of the VA to the public could be used for principle/interest on the national debt.

Donald Trump – I’m pretty sure it’s within your authority to restaff cabinet agencies.  I think you’ll need congressional cooperation to make the structural changes in the VA but the existing system could at least be restaffed at the management level and run by medical groups and healthcare professionals who ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING and who have real experience in being held to account for mismanagement and positive healthcare outcomes.

Of the fired government employees, middle management and lower should get a year’s severance pay and if they qualify, keep their pensions.

Upper management and department heads should be fired without severance and they should be stripped of their pensions if possible.  They should get a hearing.  If they can show they acted honorably and didn’t violate constitutional principles then, AND ONLY THEN, if entitled then can they keep their pension, otherwise they forfeit all of it.

Trump .. all of this is possible. Do it and not only will you hold Clinton to account and free the American people in a way not dreamed possible in decades, you’ll have the love and adoration of everyone that voted for you.

The melt down going on is giving me just little bit of pleasure.

I promise you, there’s no downside here.  Other than making the left freak out even harder than they already are.  Oh wait, that’s just a nice bonus.  Pretty please, with sugar on top, do this along w/ your other promises.