Gun Control = People Control = Deep, sick, FILTHY need for power

It doesn’t take a political genus or a rocket scientist to know that the more well armed citizens there are in a given area, the less likely it is for a serious crime to take place, especially crimes of gun violence.  The only people who belittle this idea are progressives.

They attack this on principle because gun ownership increases individual liberty and decreases government ability to exert power and influence over people.  It also makes it harder for them to achieve their vision of taking guns away from EVERYONE, except of course the government.  They want that dictatorial power for themselves, make no mistake about it.  If you hear a politician talk about the rich not paying their fair share or any talk about “common sense” gun control laws.  Understand they are infected with a deep, sick, filthy need for power and they won’t stop until they have 100% of your money and complete control of EVERY aspect of your life.

Remember gun control has nothing to do with gun control, it’s about PEOPLE control, plain and simple.

I propose that the NRA [or some other reputable group] begin a charitable organization with the purpose of arming as many law abiding citizens as possible.  The way it would work is by soliciting donations and making the funds available to gun stores, concealed carry classes, and individuals.  Based on the individuals circumstances the charity could help individuals apply for a permit if required by current state law and pay for a concealed carry class.  It would also provide funds to pay for the firearm as well and perhaps some type of coupon help w/ ammo.

The individuals who would get the most rapid and substantial help ought to be women who are in a difficult/dangerous situation.  We love our women and they need to be armed the most urgently.

Ammo and gun manufactures could donate bullets and weapons and it’s all able to be written off as charity.  It has a nice symmetry to it and it helps uphold the founders vision for the second amendment.  Any existing groups that are doing something like this need to get together and pool their resources.

Speaking of which, where are the state militias?  Only 23 of the 50 states have a state militia.  If your state doesn’t have one, get together and create one.  Government isn’t needed for this and it’s specifically forbidden from interfering with a militia.

State laws requiring permitting to have or carry a gun are flat out unconstitutional as are any burdensome restrictions on concealed carry.

I intend to buy a gun as soon as I have the time and the funds to do so.  Imagine how much easier it’d be to purchase a gun if everyone were entitled to a tax write off credit that could be used at a gun store and at the concealed carry class!

No matter how you slice it the goal is simple.  Arm as many law abiding citizens as possible as well as possible.  If we can get very high ownership rates for firearms we can be secure in the knowledge that we can defend ourselves and our freedom from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  When we’re allowed to properly defend ourselves we reaffirm our position as the most formidable nation on the planet not to mention fulfilling the promise and the dreams of our founders.

Psychotic Islamist are taking the fight to us more and more.  If we keep getting the crap leadership we’ve been getting we’ll need to be ready to defend ourselves and defend each other.