Repeal Obamacare Entirely and phase out Medicare

[Update 2.3]

This argument requires intelligence and common sense to understand so naturally some people will not follow or disagree. People worry to much about what other people think anyways. I agree that money has been stolen from Medicare. However it was never a good idea to begin with and congress has the authority to do whatever they want w/ that money based upon supreme court rulings. That being said if we just followed the constitution we never would’ve had a social security act in the 1st place. The federal government ought to have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the medical industry. NO regulation, nothing. ONLY STATES and individual citizens have this purview.

If we just followed the constitution, healthcare would be priced and serviced like car mechanics and plumbers, ie it would mostly affordable except for the more extensive stuff and that would be more affordable and you could get affordable insurance.

No problem exists, affordable healthcare. It used to be affordable. Government creates the problem where none exists, it gets worse and worse, they “solve” it and just make it worse. Congress owes so much more than the 2 trillion it took from Medicare which is chump change compared to the overall deficit and a literal drop in the bucket compared to our future liabilities. Recipients receive much more than they pay save the upper few percent of employees across all jobs.

We’d take care of our seniors through charity if we didn’t have the government so deep in healthcare for so long and MANY would be able to pay their own way. If you can afford to pay your own way w/o undue burden then how can it be somehow wrong to suggest you do so? In this imaginary world everything would be wildly LESS expensive. It’s such a vast majority of the debt.

Either we phase out social security in less than 15 years, save the elderly who are currently on it and live longer, they keep it for the remainder of their lives OR reality will do it for us because we won’t pay the taxes required to keep up the benefits, especially w/ so many people living so much longer. The effects of that WILL BE JARING when the money just runs out completely and we can’t get any more extended credit.

Everyone after 15 years needs to go on a 100% privatized system with competition opened up across state lines. If there is anything that can’t be stressed enough it’s the catastrophic consequences of allowing the government any role and/or interference in the medical industry whatsoever.

It’s a communist principle!!  That’s a VERY BIG DEAL.  Communism has killed more people than anything in existence except for devastating plagues/diseases, and that’s just during peacetime. It causes so much war and so much needless suffering, truly crazy stuff.

The FDA holds back the development of treatment and cures by making the cost of developing a new drug a fortune. The FDA needs to be severely curtailed and handed over entirely to the private accreditation companies.

IN ANY CASE no agency, bureaucracy, or any part of government, other than congress, ought have any regulatory, rule making, or other type of law making authority and they can’t dole out the authority, agencies/bureaucracies must stick to the text of the law as passed, period. They ought to just do what they’re assigned to do and nothing more, period.

The non-government controlled FDA should be a strictly advisory role only. There are plenty of private enterprises that do accreditation and certification.

Medicare, Obamacare, the controlled substances act, and the FDA are actually all unconstitutional since they extended beyond the scope of enumerated powers. In spite of supreme court rulings the Social Security Act is unconstitutional.  The Judicial branch is usurping authority they were never meant to have and they have NEVER been held to account, no matter how egregious the effects on society are and no matter how clearly they go beyond the bounds set fourth in the constitution.  They ought have no legislative authority but that is another argument.

SO MUCH money to be saved.

Government created this problem. Only getting government out of it will solve it. Churches and charities can handle it with existing hospitals and systems. It’ll be MUCH more efficient and cost effective w/o government interference.

We can start by overturning Obamacare hook, line, and sinker and go back to the system that was the envy of the world with common sense changes. The Social Security system should be phased into a individually owned HRA, HSA, or FSA or similar vehicle. Spend your own healthcare dollars as you see fit. Insurance companies could compete for those dollars .. simple.

Medicare is off the charts unaffordable and if we don’t phase it out now we’re going to continue to go down this road where we’re all born slaves, so much debt per capita it’s generational theft. It’s immoral and its unconstitutional. Stuff like sets me off because of how deliberately bad it is. Government needs to stick to it’s enumerated powers and our leaders need to learn their place. They service us, not the other way around.

Glenn Beck gave the keynote speach at the CPAC convention and it was a doozie. EVERYONE should listen to it

Here are a few of my favorite highlights and some very CONVINCING arguments that show this is the right thing to do, the necessary thing to do.  We must wean ourselves off the crack of government benefits, including but not limited to Medicare and Obamacare.


Glenn Beck, “You as an individual human being are the most poewrful being ever created by G-d himself” ..

and the Pièce De Résistance

Glenn Beck, “…If you are person that has a child today, that child as it draws it’s first breath is chaned, each child, to one million six hundred, I’m sorry, $1,006,208.00. That’s their share of the debit the minute they draw breath. That’s their “fair share” Let me ask you this, the republican party, the republican party. The party of Abe Lincoln that abolished slavery over 150 years ago. Where have you been? When every American today has been born a slave again?!? Burdened as indentured servants the instant we draw breath. It is immoral, it is wrong, and it must end!”

Those are just the highlights, yes he does go off on a few rather geeky Willy Wonka references but they’re so spot on, they completely work. I was very young when I saw it but I remember that movie all these years later.  We have two paths before us.  Either we march further down the progressive/authoritarian path or we go into freedom and prosperity the likes of which have never been seen before in human history.  I like option 2 please.  I’ll take a restoration of constitutional principles [life, liberty, freedom of religion, private property, the pursuit of happiness, and others] over the current crap sandwich and the higher taxes that go along with it ANY DAY.  This ought to be self evident, the question is, do enough of us love freedom anymore?