Presidential platform

Draft 3.1 – This is my presidential platform improved and overhauled. It includes restoring the Bill of Rights, lower taxes, and a concept to fight the psychotic Islamic ideology. I’d like to thank G-d, the Pilgrims, the United States founding fathers, Orson Scott Card [I’m sure some of his concepts still remain], Walter E. Williams, and J. Micheal Stranzki [G’Kars declaration of principles poem]

My Declaration of Principles – US Presidential platform edition

My name is Jason Rummel and if Ted Cruz loses in 2016 I’ll be running for President of the United States. As such I’m releasing my platform, here it is

There is no measure as to how hard and how fast I will push for a restoration of constitutional principles throughout the union, and in particular, the federal government.

The Universe speaks in many languages, but only one voice.
The language is not Hebrew or English or Arabic or Spanish or Mandarin.
It speaks in the language of hope. It speaks in the language of trust.
It speaks in the language of strength, and the language of compassion.
It is the language of the heart and the language of the soul.
But always it is the same voice.
It is the voice of our ancestors speaking through us.
And the voice of our inheritors waiting to be born.

It is the small, still voice that says we are One.
No matter the blood, no matter the skin,
No matter the religion, no matter the race,
We are One.
No matter the pain, no matter the darkness,
No matter the loss, no matter the fear.
We are One.
Here, gathered together in common cause
We agree to recognize this singular truth and this singular rule:

That we must be kind to one another.

Because each voice enriches us and ennobles us,
And each voice lost diminishes us.
We are the voice of our forefathers, the soul of creation,
The fire that will light the way to a better future.

I intend to make sure that we recognize and return to the founding principles established to protect life, liberty, property, the pursuit of happiness, and to fight Evil in the world. I intend to restore the principles of individual freedom and liberty of Americans by working towards these founding principles.

–» Respect all life.  Purchase as many artificial wombs as fast as possible to give a home to every baby “chosen” to be aborted.  Grow them until they’re 40 weeks mature and give them to, in this order of precedence, (1) the mother, (2) the father, (3) both if they agree, (4) a relative, (5) a loving adoptive couple, (6) a loving adoptive individual, or (7) a orphanage/church with a good reputation.  The founders believed that once the quickening happens, ie once the woman can feel the baby inside her, that it’s life and is to be protected just as much as someone who has already been born.  Abortion is one of, if not the, ugliest stains on our culture.  Life is the first right!

Every infant death is a sin offering to Moloch or, if you will, the sacrament to progressivism.  If you’ve read the bible you know how bad that is, if not, educate yourself.

Over 50,000,000 have been killed since Roe v. Wade.  The principles that made that supreme court ruling possible deeply regret their actions and are committed to the anti-abortion fight, including Roe herself.  This MUST be handed back to the states post haste.  History will judge us harshly and rightfully so.

The fact that it was forced upon us by the Supreme Court is against the letter of the constitution and spirit of our founding laws on the subject is exactly the problem in this case.

If we’re not careful we’ll abort our way right into a victory of the Islamist caliphate, maybe, and this is the super scary scenario, w/o the Islamist ever firing a shot.

This cannot be allowed to happen, as president I won’t allow it!

–» Replace hatred with unity and reconciliation.  Let us all strive towards the ideals and dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr including the restoration of prayer to the public square.  Anything less is a direct violation of the letter and spirit of the 1st amendment.

–» Eliminate the attitude that all money is government’s money and that taking less of the American people’s money is a cost to the government. Government has nothing until it first takes it from someone else and that money needs to be treated with respect and reverence.  It must not be squandered, stolen, or spent on anything outside enumerated constitutional powers.  Its our right and our duty to vote out people with such a wild misunderstanding out of office.

–» As commander and chief I will have an incredible amount of power and authority so I promise to conduct myself with honor and decency at all times.

–» Bring open and total war to the psychotic Islamist ideology until the threat is permanently neutralized and Islam has gone through reform to have peaceful coexistence with all non-Muslim nations and populations.  Free up the rules of engagement, this is whatever it takes, the fastest we can make it happen.

Put a though, battle hardened, officer versed in US and world history in charge of the fight.  He must be a Seal, Ranger, Marine Corps Special Operations, US Paratrooper, etc.  He gets whatever resources he requests to fulfill the war effort and we gear up manufacturing as needed.  The rules of engagement are simple, unless they clearly and peacefully surrender on the battlefield and get locked up indefinitely they get killed.

The military knows how to fight, they are to be allowed and encouraged to do so in this fight.

–» I will stand for the clear declared principles in the US constitution, the Deceleration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation. On these principles there can be no compromise.

–» Restore and enforce the Bill of Rights, especially the 2nd and 4th amendments, including the elimination of many gun free zones.  All gun free zones on all federal property are to be eliminated w/ the exception of courthouses and prisons.  Those facilities will have a simple/safe method for individuals to check their firearms at the entrance(s).  State and local laws that infringe on second amendment rights will be challenged and overturned.  Open carry w/o permit through the union.  Concealed carry w/ permit in all 50 states with shall issue permits which reciprocally work in all 50 states.  Rebuke New York, Chicago, and other gun unfriendly states and cities with the full force and weight of the US justice department as required in the constitution.

–» No one has a right or entitlement to be free from being offended, free people are going to be offensive sometimes.

–» Respect for the right of parents

–» Eliminate the FCC and permanently disband it; stand for a free and unregulated internet.

–» Enforce immigration law including the construction of a wall and/or a dual layer fence as specified in existing regulation.  Back up the border patrol with US reserve troops until they have sufficient manpower to properly enforce the border and immigration law.  Order ICE to do it’s job.  Eliminate sanctuary cities and use the justice department to go after local elected officials who refuse to assist in the enforcement of immigration law.  Veto any attempt at immigration reform before immigration law is fully enforced, the border is properly secured, illegal immigration, visa overstays, etc are all reduced by 90%, the wall and/or dual layer fence is completed, and the border patrol has sufficient man power to properly enforce the border.

–» Greatly simplified taxation featuring poverty baseline exemption, a simple flat 10% rate for groups and individuals regardless of income level.  Unlimited deductions for charitable giving.  Keep the 1st mortgage/remortgage interest deduction.

–» Severely limit the IRS. Fire every current employee and replace with new, greatly limited staff.  Make every employee agree to legal, ethical, and constitutional oath of responsibility.  Clean up corruption.  Audits, garnishments, and other punitive powers must go through independent federal courts.  No action can begin without probable cause supported by the ruling of an independent federal magistrate with full public jury trial upon request. Permanently outlaw IRS courts.  Rename the IRS to We’re Really Sorry We Must Exist.  WRS WME [pronounced worse we, and the natural progression, the worst]

–» Fire and replace the entire State Department and clean up the corruption.

–» Attempt to work towards a multi-generational goal of the elimination of all federal taxation by establishing ever-growing interest bearing accounts that by law cannot be diminished and must be invested in safe, interest bearing vehicles.

–» Phase out over time and eventually eliminate welfare, including but not limited to all transfer payments, with compassion.  Replace with churches, charities, and unlimited charitable donation deductions for all individuals and business.

–» Free populations under the control of ISIS, other Islamist extremist groups, and victims of genocide.  Keep the US military presence indefinitely until the ranking military official overseeing an operation will personally attest under penalty of perjury that the region is stable,  has a representative republican  form of government w/ term limits for all nationwide elected officials, CIA and US military personnel hand pick the initial officials, future officeholders are chosen by elections, and they’re a proven committed ally. Consider the option of annexing, as a US territory, a freed population.  If that’s the case they get a fully manned US military base for as long as the Union exists which – if we do it right – is forever.

–» Honor our commitment to Ukraine.  We have a treaty! We can’t let Putin just waltz in and take over.  We have a duty to honor that commitment and when sovereignty is restored we arm them to the teeth and, as we ought to with any aftermath, we stay behind indefinitely in sufficient numbers to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

–» Common sense limitations on the Judicial Branch and holding judges accountable when they exceed their authority, accept a bribe, create an injustice through an unjust ruling, engage in a criminal activity, or if caught in an act of moral turpitude.  If a judge does any of this they ought to be permanently removed from the bench and disbarred from future service in any elected or unelected public office or role for the remainder of his/her natural life.

–» Hold all elected and unelected officials to legal and fiduciary responsibility to the people and restore accountability in general.

–» Refuse to engage in class warfare

–» Eliminate the federal minimum wage.

–» Outlaw public employee unions and put common sense restrictions on private unions.

–» Recommend that all of us learn the real American history and pass it on to our children.  DO NOT TRUST YOUR CHILDREN WITH PUBLIC EDUCATION, stay up late, wake up early, do whatever it takes but teach them yourselves until we have a 100% private voucher system throughout the union and we eliminate the Department of Education because it exceeds the authority of enumerated powers.  It is a terrible injustice inflicted on the most young and vulnerable among us and it must end!

–» Global warming is a hoax designed to be the new home and advance the ideas of socialist, communists, and progressives.  Permanently ban the EPA and any/all federal environmental regulatory authority.

–» Eliminate any authority/power outside the constitution currently being wielded by any part, department, or part of a department within the federal government.

–» Expand energy and drive down its cost wherever and however possible. Facilitate permitting to ensure rapid new construction of Nuclear power plants and refineries all over the country as rapidly as feasible.  Free up mining, drilling, and all resource harvesting A.S.A.P.  Harden the electrical grid to EMP attack post haste.  Do every other thing possible to ensure we’re energy independent with the goal of ensuring we always export oil and and have no need to import any.  Declare peace with honor in the stupid/pointless war against energy and progress.

–» No American citizen ought to be forced to buy insurance or any other thing tangible or intangible.  Therefore we ought to outlaw socialized medicine on the federal level, disband the FDA, and every other part of federal authority that has any effect on the medical industry as per the enumerated powers of the constitution.

–» Reform Medicare and phase it out over 20-40 years, with a hard and fast 40 year maximum except for current beneficiaries who will, at a time of their choosing, get all of their current funding to be used toward the purchase of commercial insurance geared towards prevention, cure, and best possible longevity completely respecting only the wishes of patient for the remainder of his/her natural life.  People who are slated to age into medicare 20 or more years in the future get to pick 2% to 100% of income to go towards an interest free lifetime HRA/HSA/FSA type account fully individually owned able to purchase whichever commercially available insurance an individual chooses or to simply self insure by direct payments to providers and/or into contributions towards an employer group health plan.  This privatization will lead to healthcare pricing in line w/ other industries such as travel, car sales, retail sales, hotels, etc.

–» The United States and Israel must stand together as permanent allies forever.  The US needs to stand for a one state solution in the region, a contiguous Israel including the Gaza Strip and the Golan heights.  Existing long-term Palestinian residents will be dealt with however Israel sees fit.  Palestine run by Muslims living side-by-side in peace with the Jews was a nice dream but that’s all it ever was and ever can be.  We must understand the reality that the conflict WILL NEVER END until one side is allowed a clear and decisive military victory over the other and they dictate the terms of the peace.  Israel must be the victorious side in this conflict. Recognize the historical claim the Jewish people have a right to a permanent homeland in the state of Israel.  Restore meaning to the words, “Never again”

–» Chose my Chairman of the Joint Chiefs through a merit based physical and mental competition and make his role more public and visible.  I will choose someone of impeccable character by sworn affidavit of the individual’s superior officer plus the signatures of all of the members of his/her unit.  The person I choose will be well versed in US history, world history, and all manner of warfare.

We the people have been beaten down.  We’ve been told right is wrong; history has been erased.  The sickness of progressivism has infested everything and it must be rooted out.  The government is forcing us to live the lie of political correctness, stealing far to much of our income, and engaging in gross iniquity.  If we just follow the constitution, restore common sense, have a real pointed effort to eliminate federal debt permanently, and follow the above outlined plan we will be more wealthy and free than our founders or even any of us EVER imagined possible.