Why vote? It's important! We need to pray as well.

I was asked to write a 1 page paper on why it’s important to vote .. here it is .. It’s so much more than the 1 page essay it started as

Why is it important to vote? [admittedly I’m expanding so it’s no longer 1 page – Also I’m taking several ideas from Glenn Beck and adding them to my argument, I can’t help it. He’s the strongest, clearest voice advocating for freedom and a return to the constitution out there and I stand by him with similar principles] “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” – The Declaration of Independence These words hold special meaning and they are the basis for our constitution and the concept of Nature’s law. What makes America so exceptional? Is it that her people are somehow blessed or inherently more intelligent than others around the world? Of course not. We’re exceptional because we’re an exception. For the first time in history a nation was founded on the principle of individual liberty and that the government is meant to be in service to the people and not the other way around. Many people don’t understand how truly miraculous it is that we exist as founded. This freedom, the bill of rights, and the concept of private property have ensured that our nation went from simple farmers to the wealthiest and powerful nation the planet has ever seen.  For the most part the United States has been a force for good throughout the planet and we have lifted billions around the world out of abject poverty. The simple concept of being able to keep what you earn and pass it on to your loved ones has ensured that even after nearly 8 years of one of the most liberal administrations in the Nation’s history we still have opportunity the likes of which has never been seen before in history.

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Our unique right to keep and bear arms is essential to holding onto our freedom. The reason the founders wrote this into the bill of rights is because they understood how easy it is to slip into tyranny and darkness. They figured by having the mass of population armed in much greater numbers than the regular military would put a check on government and ensure they don’t run rough shod over our rights. It had nothing to do with hunting or any of that, it is to prevent tyranny. The militia was understood at the time, and still means today, all able bodied adults NOT part of the government. So why is it so important to vote? If we do not elect leaders who respect the Constitution and the rule of law sooner or later we will lose both. Our rights have already been eroded so severely that many people don’t even recognize the erosion. If the president of the United States violates the constitution repeatedly and usurps power he was never meant to have and there are too few in the senate and the house willing to stand up to him than he gets away with it and we all lose. It’s vital that we vote because each vote does count and elections are sometimes close.

We are at a point of choosing. Will we chose the status quo and the continued march towards authoritarianism [Hillary – let’s face it, she’s roughly aligned with Barack Obama, and unlike him, she doesn’t even have a shred of integrity]? Will we elect the 1st openly avowed Socialist in our countries history [Sanders]? Socialism is the antithesis of our system of representative republic [i.e. no freedom, no property rights, total government control of everything] Do we select anger, revenge, and darkness [Trump]? Or do we return to the principles of limited government with the consent of the governed [Cruz]?

Why vote? Simply put, the republic is at stake and we must do what is right for ourselves and our posterity.  If philosophy doesn’t do it for you, then how about good old fashioned self-interest.  Cruz will protect everyone’s rights, even those with whom he disagrees with vehemently.  We need to be Martin Luther King.  Christians are on the verge to being persecuted like the Jews were during Hitler.  Will it take interment camps before we wake up because if we don’t elect Cruz that will likely come as will many other really bad things.  If the United States doesn’t elect Ted Cruz and/or turn to god hard, well maybe we just all die.  If we go far enough off the rails God will come in and let us all get killed so that some other people will come in and make it right.

If we elect Ted Cruz he will unite the country in ways that can’t even be imagined right now.  If we don’t we might by the the psychopaths in charge of the Iranian government enough time to prefect a few war heads, launch an EMP attack, and then .. well let’s just say the death toll of such an attack is … stark. Ever see revolution [The NBC TV show]? Well just imagine no nanites, just everything, ALMOST EVERYTHING [some military assets are properly hardened, the US electric grid at large isn’t] dependent on electricity or an integrated circuit being fried. I think 80%-90% of us die. Our enemies could come in and wipe us out at their leisure. Putin, ISIS, and China are in control of most of the power and wealth in the planet. Gee, I wonder what happens. We become another great civilization in the dust bin of history. If the US dies then our freedom dies with us and the world is plunged into darkness for a LONG time. If we let this happen our generation will be remembered as the one who had freedom in their grasps and let it slip through our fingers. Just like in Star Wars our freedom will die to thunderous applause.

If we survive the next four years then I will be honor bound to run. Do you really want me running for president? That’s exactly what will happen if Cruz isn’t elected. I know my voice is currently too small to hold anyone’s feet to the fire but if this gets spread around enough then maybe it will be. I’m starting to hedge my bets in case Cruz loses. Unfortunately enough people may in deed have collectively lost their minds enough to let it happen.

If the country gets it’s collective heads together and votes the right way Cruz can still win outright but he’s in a tight spot. Kasich, put down your ego. I know it’s a long shot but if I can appeal to the better angels of your nature, pray, fast, something, any shred of humility in there? Kasich, there’s still time, for the sake of the republic, GET OUT!!

He’s likely to arrogant to heed that advice. More powerful voices than mine have bee calling for the same thing. However if every individual of principle gets out and votes for Cruz then he can win. If he wins we’ll have something millions have dreamed about. A strong, principled, decent, constitutional, conservative president. Someone much like Madison or Hamilton. He’s it!! He’s our salvation. If we return to constitutional principles than we can be an army of light and defeat Evil for generations to come. Let’s face it, if the psychotic Islamic ideology can be reduced to the power and influence of the KKK and we can push successfully for Islam to reform itself from within than we can actually live in peace with Muslims. Islam must change or  be defeated or MILLIONS more will die. Was George Washington right? Will we loose our way and chose death or do we chose life? This should be easy. Would be, if progressive forces haven’t been so successful lately. If progressives succeed they’ll make the Nazi’s look like rookies. If Iran successfully launches a EMP attack, even if they don’t wipe out the entire grid they will put themselves in the running with Socialism/Authoritarianism for the title of most people killed because of an ideology. Christianity saves the most people. Currently Islamist are killing the most. Christians are on the side of light. We are duty bound to stand with them as we are to stand with Israel and the Jews. I consider myself to be a Christian because it’s the only way an individual as flawed as I am can be a voice/force for good. Make sure your kids are learning the constitution. I know my boy will!! I will teach him myself and prepare him for college if that’s where he needs to go. Parents, take back your children’s education. You know they’re teaching GARBAGE in school. Teach your children yourself. Make sure they learn morality, right from wrong, our history, and our constitution. Teach them on your own after school if you have to but try to do it totally on your own. I reckon 4 hours a day of focused attention ought to be what it takes to make a successful education. Of course he’ll be made to do additional work on his own time. He will have some homework. He’ll need to. If we can be Martin Luther King Jr then we all win. And our children win.

Cruz is the right man, in the right place, at the right time.  He has been and always will be a force for good on the side of light.

Also, if Cruz doesn’t win, I won’t shut up.  I’ll keep going on and on and on!!!  As the mother of my boy will attest, no one wants that.  Well a lot of people won’t .. I know there are some diehards out there who’ll find me cool but as far as the establishment is concerned, people like me and Ted and Glenn are the antithesis of cool

Hey EVERYBODY .. take Constitution 101 on Hillsdale College [if my son wants to go to college I will encourage him to strongly consider this option as I would also push for George Mason University if I can’t talk him into that one.   save the republic!! I believe if everyone had to take this to graduate high school then we wouldn’t be in the mess were in right now.

And pray.  Pray for humility and pray for the republic and feel free to pray for Cruz.  ALL OF US NEED IT RIGHT NOW!!