Please don't make me run

I’ve already committed to running for president in 2020 UNLESS we elect a principled conservative who really beats back the progressive agenda.  If this doesn’t happen I’ll be forced to run because, well, I do what I say I’ll do.  PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME RUN!!!

However if we fail to elect a principled conservative who pushes HARD and BEATS BACK all the garbage Barack Obama has foisted on this country as a matter of principle I’ll be forced to .. so with that in mind, here’s my platform.

I’ve already posted and refined a declaration of principles, it also happens to be a wonderful proposal to scrap the UN and replace it with something nobler and better and no more centralized meeting place where representatives get together and talk and scheme.  The UN DOES NOTHING GOOD WHATSOEVER!!  WE ARE PAYING to host ambassadors from many vile, evil dictatorships, flat out corrupt countries, even ones that openly and brazenly support the psychotic Islamic ideology with real money and real manpower.

My platform if forced to run.

–» Our current elected leaders believe their power exists to exert control over the American people, obtain more of their money and more power for themselves.  I believe my power will exist to restore constitutional principles, common sense and freedom to the American people.  There will be no measure as to how hard and fast I will push to restore this principle. Our country was founded upon life, religious liberty, the concept of private property, and the pursuit of happiness.  The founding fathers had a dream called America, and it will be realized!

–» Apply common sense Fraud, Waste, and Abuse [FWA] rules and regulations to all levels of government.  The president, congress, their staff, cabinet members, department officials, bureaucrats, right on down to the park employees, and cooking staff.  EVERYONE who gets paid from the federal treasury needs to understand they have a fiduciary responsibility to spend the people’s money wisely.  Have multiple private auditing firms come in and clean up the government books and audit the fed from top to bottom.  Conduct continuous audits to ensure oversight and fairness excepting that secret national security spending will necessarily have no such oversight.  Tightly confine this concept to things like CIA, US marshals, FBI, the US military, and similar entities who for obvious reasons can’t disclose all their spending.  However, those agencies non-sensitive spending will also be subject to the same continuous oversight.  No more grants, no more wasting money on nonsense like Swedish massages  for small furry animals, etc.  Take all savings from eliminated waste and roll it into reducing the deficit.  If funds are squandered, stolen, misappropriated, or spent in a manner determined not to be in the best interest of the American people by a a court of law then those responsible ought to be held fiscally and, if appropriate, criminally liable.

–» Rapidly/forcefully undo all the damage Obama has foisted upon us w/ his illegal/extra-constitutional actions.  I’ll immediately rescind all illegal executive actions, including, but not limited to, repeal every illegal change to Obama care and expose the true extent of the awfulness.  Subsidies for federal exchanges, the office of personnel management shield [aka stolen US taxpayer money] protecting congress and their staff from Obamacare, waivers, exceptions, rules changes, and every other change not specifically authored by congress/the text of the law all rescinded.  This will force congress to act and I’d veto anything that isn’t a full repeal.  If they propose to replace it with something that’s principled and make sense, ie. full restoration of the private insurance market to the way it was before Obamacare screwed everything up and allow insurance companies to compete across state lines, ok.  Either that or a simple, straight out, full repeal.  Short of one of those 2 things, I’d veto any proposals that come to my desk.  I’d use the bully pulpit on a regular basis and expose shenanigans and clearly, cheerfully, unabashedly explain the moral superiority of constitutional & conservative principles to the American people.  Something sorely lacking in leadership today.

–» Taxation.  Just as stated in the declaration of principles, a poverty baseline exemption indexed to inflation, a flat 10% on all earnings beyond that up to an income tax limit of $1,000,000,000/yr.  Every penny earned by an individual in a fiscal year will be tax free to encourage economic growth and investment.  We’ll keep the 1st mortgage interest deduction to prevent revolt in the seasoned citizen’s community and that’s all.  No other deductions.  Simplify the tax code to a few pages.  Ban estate taxes, double-taxation, ie no more tax on earned interest, dividends, or any other invested after tax dollars, and restore the work requirements of welfare reform.

–» Work towards a goal of abolishing wealth transfers.  Begin by phasing out Social Security and gradually replacing it w/ a privatized system while keeping commitments to current retirees.  The replacement to Social Security ought to be done with tax free individual accounts which are funded by direct transfer of pre-tax income into a HRA or similar vehicle which can be used for health insurance premiums, deductibles, co-pays, etc as the need arises after retirement has been reached.  BEFORE retirement everyone has the PRE-Obamacare insurance system w/the additional benefit of allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines which will ACTUALLY make healthcare more affordable.  Before welfare existed we got along just fine with helping each other and turning to churches and local charity to solve problems.  The American people are mature and responsible enough to take care of themselves w/o interference from the Federal government, including welfare, food stamps, WIC, grant programs, et al.  The list/extent of current wealth transfers are practically endless.  Wealth transfers are just another way the Federal government exerts power and influence it was NEVER MEANT TO HAVE.

–» IRS – I purpose we neuter the IRS.  Abolish all IRS dedicated courts.  Fire all current IRS employees and establish a much smaller staff with new people to help establish the new culture which will be required.  Have the FBI conduct a thorough investigation and discover the full extent of activities, corruption, maleficence, and hold EVERYONE currently employed in that organization to account.  NO IMMUNITY FOR ANY OF THEM, if the engaged in criminal activity they go on trial and if/when found guilty thrown in prison.  Going forward if the IRS wants to conduct an audit, garnish a wage, etc.  They must go to an INDEPENDENT federal court, show probable cause, prove their case in court beyond a reasonable doubt with the tax payers innocence assumed/defended, THEN and ONLY THEN can they proceed with audits, garnishments, liens, seizing of property, etc.  If they lose such a trial, the IRS must pay restitution in full for legal fees, lost wages, etc, as well as publicly admit wrongdoing and personally apologize to ANY taxpayer harmed by injustice.  Furthermore, the case will be thoroughly examined and if the IRS if found to have purposefully make a false allegation against a tax holder they will be held criminally and fiscally liable, be put on trial, and if found guilty sent to prison and fined to the fullest extent of the law.

–» Immigration – Enforce existing immigration law.  Immediately rescind illegal executive action in this area.  Put an immediate cease and desist directive out for all sanctuary cities and advise them if they refuse to enforce Federal immigration law mayors and other city officials will be held legally and possibly criminally liable.  Rapidly build the border fence to specifications across THE ENTIRE US/Mexican border.  Federal law already states, “shall build” so we WILL BUILD the border fence properly.  Direct INS and the border patrol to do their jobs and follow the law.  Ensure the border patrol has sufficient man power to effectively enforce the border.  Find and deport all illegal aliens possible and make it clear the days of immigration law non-enforcement are OVER.  Once all of these objectives are achieved, then look into creating a more efficient/streamlined process for LEGAL immigration.

–» Environment.  Disband the EPA and ALL federal environmental regulatory authority, based upon the Constitution, the State and local governments ought to have the ONLY authority in this area AT ALL.

–» Disband the the Department of Education, Department of Energy, FCC, FDA, and any other federal agency/entity which doesn’t serve a necessary, constitutionally sound purpose.  Consolidate overlaping agencies, for instance why do we have a separate ATF, DEA, AND FBI.  The ATF and DEA ought to be rolled up/brought into the FBI fold.  Other than them and the US Marshals there ought not be ANY other Federal law enforcement agency beyond the office/organization of United States Attorney General.  The Federal government has expanded so far beyond the scope of what’s defined in the constitution it’s staggering.  We have a constitution for a reason, what do you say we start following it to the letter, hum?  Funny, come to think of it, we don’t hear anything like this, even from the few principled elected officials we do have in Washington.  Why do you suppose that is?  It’s quite a loaded question neh?

–» End ALL regulatory authority for ALL government agencies.  Based upon the constitution, they do not have this authority in the first place.  This is called legislation and it’s the sole purview of congress, PERIOD.  Have the FBI sift through ever single federal rule and regulation passed by government agency fiat.  If anything beyond the original text of the legislation has come up as a new regulation it will be rescinded immediately and those responsible will be held fiscally and if appropriate, criminally liable.

–» Abolish baseline budgeting and base all Federal spending upon receipts.  Pay down the national debit as rapidly as possible.

–»  Establish and grow interest bearing accounts with the goal of eliminating federal taxation entirely by having the US treasury have a fortune large enough where all government expenses can be taken from an 80% portion of the interest earned on treasury wealth.  Make sure the money is invested in safe, interest bearing vehicles which cannot lose value.

–» Fire EVERYONE at the state department and replace them with principled individuals who believe in American exceptionalisim, the constitution, and the fact that we are the greatest force for good this planet has ever seen because of our founding principles.  Then have the FBI conduct a top to bottom investigation and criminal probe.  There’s a lot off unethical and illegal behavior going on in the state department and it needs to be cleaned up.

–» Fire every US attorney appointed by Barack Obama plus any others who don’t have a consistent record of defending constitutional and founding principles.  Replace all such individuals with decent, principled people who believe in the declaration of independence, the US constitution, and our founding principles.

–» Have this new US attorney’s office aggressively enforce constitutional rights including, but not limited to, restoring the dignity and good name of individuals and families ruined simply for practicing their Christian beliefs.  Anyone who has been fined or imprisoned for practicing their religious liberty will be made whole and the leaders who made this injustice possible will be personally held to civil and criminal account.

–» ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran, et al.  The US role of being a leader in the war against the psychotic Islamic ideology, stopping genocide, and fighting evil in the world will be restored.  I will call Evil by it’s name and bring the fight to the Islamist.  We need to make no bones about the fact that we will face this evil head on and short of a clear/peaceful surrender on the battle field followed by indefinite imprisonment we will not show mercy or quarter to Evil.  We fight Evil until we achieve full victory as we once did against Adolf Hitler and the Axis powers.  I know what you’re thinking, Jesus! You aren’t going to compare the psychotic Islamic Ideology to Nazism, yes I am!   The psychotic Islamic ideology isn’t as evil as Hitler was, it’s much, MUCH worse.  At least the Nazi’s went through the motions of trying to hide their crimes.  ISIS not only toots their own Evil horn, they make no bones about the horror/extent of their Evil.  They put it right out front, live on the internet where anyone can get a good strong whiff of it AND WE GET NEAR SILENCE FROM EVERYONE in a position of power who can actually do something about it. Obama, democrats, republicans SHAME ON YOU and everyone else who turns a blind to Evil.  Do we really need to have World War III brought to our doorstep before we wake up because that’s exactly where we’re headed if we don’t fight back and FIGHT BACK HARD!!  For those of you old enough to remember, did Reagan ever back down when Evil threatened the US and/or the world?  Of course not, he confronted it head on and brought the Soviet empire to it’s knees with simple bold action and NOT BACKING DOWN.  Can you imagine how refreshing it’d be to have a president who actually believed in the concept that America is the good guys?  Well elect another spineless weasel, plunge this country further down the rabbit hole, make me run, put me into office and you’ll see how a principled leader with spine who gets it done, or you could just elect [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ], Bobby Jindal, [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ ], Ben Carson or some other principled conservative who will do what needs to be done NOW and then I won’t have to run.  Believe me, nothing would make me happier than to NOT HAVE TO RUN for president in the 1st place, thus the title of this article, PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME RUN.

note to self: when running for president, use the following tagline at the end of speeches: Our current elected leaders believe their power exists to exert control over the American people, obtain more of their money and more power for themselves.  I believe my power will exist to restore constitutional principles, common sense and freedom to the American people.  There will be no measure as to how hard and fast I will push to restore this principle. Our country was founded upon life, religious liberty, the concept of private property, and the pursuit of happiness.  The founding fathers had a dream called America, and it will be realized!

alternate version: You cannot decide whether we should fight or not. We will. The United States will raise no white flag for the caliphate. That decision is taken. Nobody can change it.  Either we fight them on our terms or we’ll fight them on their terms  World War III is coming and has been for a long time.  The question is do we choose to contain the fighting overseas or do we let it come to our doorstep.  I’m calling Evil out by it’s name.  It’s an insidious ideology I like to call the psychotic Islamic ideology.  People who are Islamic are fine decent people.  People who are Islamist are that way in the supremacist sense.  IE the whole world is theirs and the caliphate ought to encompass the entire planet.  This is incompatible with our principles and our way of life.  Just like the cowboy gangs were busted up in the early 20th century, we’re going to bust up the Islamic ideology permanently.  We fight for complete victory.  Either you clearly surrender on the battle field or you die.  If you want to overthrow the planet with a violent jihad the US military is coming for you and we’re fighting for TOTAL victory.  All areas around the globe where Islamist run the show will be freed and guaranteed religious freedom.  Minorities will be protected from reprisals.  In exchange for unwavering commitment the Kurds will be given the entire territory of Iraq.  They have been shown to be excellent stewards of their section and a stabilizing force in the region.  It’s the least we can do considering the crap sandwich they’ve been forced to endure lately.  They’re our most loyal Muslim ally on the planet.  The Islamic faith must be reformed, I’ve covered this in great detail.  The founding fathers had a dream of free and decent people;  it will be realized.

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