Dad's Curriculum

Dalton, my son, I love you and I want to be your primary teacher in life. Although I’m not a formal expert in education I’m well read and fairly well educated. As you get older I’ll be forced to educate myself more and more in the process of educating you. I don’t know everything I intend to teach you but I know how to look it up and learn it as I go. If I get my way you’ll be home schooled from the beginning. I’d rather not have to go through the process of deprogramming the liberal indoctrination you’ll doubtlessly encounter if you go to public school. On the other hand I will teach you the plain common sense truth as I see things. “Luke, you’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly upon our own point of view” Luke, “A certain point of view” .. this conversation goes on. I will teach you from a conservative point of view. In doing so I’ll teach you an in depth analysis of between the differences between liberalism/ progressivism and conservatism/ libertarianism. Not everyone thinks liberalism/ progressivism are inherently wrong, possibly evil, and I do have a visceral knee-jerk reaction against the progressive ideology and I will attempt to get you to believe in the moral superiority of capitalism and freedom. You may not always agree with me but at least you’ll have the intellectual skills to make an intelligent argument on both sides of an issue.

Education – This is a blueprint for your education. This document will have lots of information and links to more. I will tweak it as we go. It is designed to be a well rounded education to more than thoroughly prepare you for whatever life throws at you. I consider it to be far more advanced and comprehensive then what you’d learn in public school. It will contain a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom to be imparted to you. Simply put I want to make sure you know everything I know. I intend for you to be well versed in History, mathematics, mechanics, electronics, computers, gadgets, English, science, art, ethics, politics, etiquette, and combat [to the best of my ability, if you wish we’ll find you a good do-jo and attend together]. Remember the simple adage, “You never start a fight but you always finish it.” – John Sheridan – Babylon 5 – J Michael Straczynski [based upon your desires and abilities, if you have a talent [based upon the way you scream I see possibilities as a singer, per your mothers wishes .. you’re going to get this phrase a lot. I do have a few minor disagreements with her but I digress. Basically we’re in complete agreement on this point, we’ll push you as much or as little in art as your talents dictate but in any case we’ll try to find what you’re best at and foster and hone those skill(s).

You are a young skull full of mush. I will try to get more out of you thank you’re capable of. Very few people come close to their full potential [for sure I haven’t] but you are capable of farm more than you know. When I state that I’m right and you’re wrong it’s because I’m probably right and for at least the 1st 15 years or so of life I will absolutely know better than you under most circumstances.

I will teach you to recognize evil, call it by it’s name, and stand up against it.

I’ll be coming up with what is definitely a different structure than traditional education but I’ll make sure that you demonstrate sufficient knowledge in all subjects.

A few thoughts on knowledge and wisdom – There’s a difference between knowledge and wisdom? I thought if you were knowledgeable than you’ll be wise but if your not knowledgeable than you will be wise. Knowledge and wisdom aren’t the same things. It is possible to show a high aptitude in one and a low aptitude in another.

Wisdom vs knowledge ex 1: Your knowledge tells you that it’s raining. Your wisdom tells you that it’d be a good idea to get inside quickly.

Wisdom vs knowledge ex 2: [funny 4 armed brown alien] “Well, Whaddya know”, he said softly. With a delicacy surprising in one so large, he picked up the dart and turned it over. “I ain’t seen on of these since I was prospecting on Subterrel, beyond the Outer Rim.” “Do you know where it came from?” Obi-Wan asked, leaning forward.
This baby belongs to them cloners. What you’ve got here is a Kamino saberdart” –
Dexter Jettster So much for “If I can’t tell you, nobody can,” Obi0Wan though with considerable satisfaction. “A Kamino Saberdart?” he repeated. “I wonder why it didn’t show up in our analysis archive.”
“It’s these funny little cuts on the side that give it away,” Dexter said pointing. “Those Analysis Droids you’ve got over there only focus on symbols, you know.” He grinned again, hugely pleased, and added slyly, “I think you Jedi would have more respect for the difference between Knowledge and .. Wisdom”

Kindergarten – Be kind to others, Say Please and thank you. Mind your manners. Play fair. Work hard. Do your best in all of your affairs. Have a rudimentary ability to read, don’t worry you won’t have to define rudimentary to get past Kindergarten

1st grade – More advanced reading. Introduction to mathematics to include simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Printed handwriting proficiency. Daydreaming time – minimum of 20 minutes/day at least a few times/week. Time to engage in exercise and some unstructured recreational time, this will occur regularly as you grow up so there won’t be very much defined “play” time. It’ll just be what you do when your not busy Listen to the true story of Thanksgiving every Thanksgiving, there will be no need to repeat this for every grade, and it’ll be a family tradition.

2nd grade – Integers, by hand 2 & 3 digit multiplication, introduction to long division. Must have memorized your additional, subtraction, multiplication and division tables up to a factor of 10X10. Cursive handwriting proficiency. Introduction to spelling. Daydreaming time – minimum of 30 minutes/day at least a few times/week.

3rd grade – More advanced reading. Word problems in math. Introductions in history, science, and geography. The real story of Thanksgiving. Daydreaming time – minimum of 40 minute/day at least a few times/week. Introduction to organizational skills and personal responsibility.

4th grade – More advanced reading. More complicated math problems to include multiple digit long division and multiplication up to 4 digits. Rudimentary understanding of critical thinking skills. Introduction to the concept of hard work including completing some manual labor tasks as well as beginning the ability to earn and spend an allowance. Daydreaming time – minimum of 50 minute/day at least a few times/week. Demonstrate enough responsibility to be able to show up on time for an appointment.

5th grade.- More advanced reading. More complicated word problems in math. Demonstrated complete proficiency in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Introduction to irregular numbers, square roots, and powers. More rigorous study in history, science, and geography. The ability to map read. Memorizing all the sate names and capitals [this’ll be fun because I’ll have to learn these by heart to] At this point I’ll have to start doing some brushing up myself. Introduce study methods and some more advanced critical thinking skills. Introduction to ethics and demonstrated knowledge of general etiquette. More advanced critical thinking skills including making an intellectual argument. Introduction to politics and civics. Introduction to the US Constitution. More advanced critical thinking skills. Daydreaming time – minimum of 60 minute/day at least a few times/week. Introduction of home economics including demonstrated ability to set the table, wash, dry and put away dishes. Assignment of some household chores. Decide if you wish to learn one or more foreign language(s) If you do, start to study one or more. I’ll purchase a copy of Rosetta Stone for you to begin the learning process and you’ll need to befriend one or more fluent native speakers so you can learn to carry on conversations in other languages. This will be elective study and I won’t be a lot of help in this area since I’m only proficient in the English language. I recommend if you do wish to study a foreign language that you start no later than now. The older you get, the more difficult it will become to learn another language. This is of course, doable. If you go down this road I will try to learn another language with you but I may not be successful. Introduction to computer networking and telecommunications. Begin basic hand to hand combat training.

6th grade – More advanced reading. Learn and demonstrate proficiency in Algebra. More rigorous study in history, science, and geography. Drafting [we’ll be learning together since I have little experience in this area, introduction to mechanics. More advanced critical thinking skills including demonstrating the ability to intelligently argue both sides of a complex issue and the ability to make the complex understandable. Complete your 1st science project including a report and display. Complete a history report. Start the Constitution 101 training at Hillsdale.edu. Home Economy. Some additional household chores including demonstrating the ability to clean everything in the bathroom. Pick a skill or activity to become proficient in if you aren’t already active displaying aptitude that’s obvious. If you are than you’ll have already completed this step. Introduction to the Dewey Decimal System. You will be required to go to a library, look up books, and write an old fashioned book report by hand citing 3 sources, come up w/ a unique point of view and summarize a theory of your conclusions with plot explanation. Demonstrate proficient understanding of the TCP/IP addressing systems v4 and v6. Introduction to the history of technology. Introduction to speaking in front of a public to an audience. Likely to be just a few friends and family. Read the Tao of Jeet Kune Do and include its principles your work out regimen – https://books.google.com/books…
Option to elect to read Ender’s Game, Ender’s Shadow, or both. If you get into the serious you will of course be encouraged to read all 9 novels.

7th Grade – More advanced reading. Learn and demonstrate proficiency in Geometry including thermos and proofs. Demonstrate greater knowledge in world Geography including being able to find any country quickly on a map or globe. More demanding science including demonstrating above average knowledge of Biology and Anatomy. Demonstrate knowledge about the founding of the country. Complete a 2nd science project including a report and display. Complete a history report w/ a display. Complete Constitution 101 course at Hillsdale.edu. Full proficiency in the custodial arts. Demonstrate the ability to cook simple meals. Demonstrate strong knowledge of the history of technology including but not limited to Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak “This should be in the history books. This was the beginning of the largest personal fortune in the history of mankind.” – just one of the many amazing side effects of American Exceptionalism. Tell the real story of Thanksgiving at the Thanksgiving table demonstrating historical accuracy and the key meaning of the events from the prospective of the Puritans participating in them. Explain the difference between rights and entitlements and explain where rights come from. If we haven’t already, formally join a do-jo so someone more expert can teach you the art of hand-to-hand combat. Once a week, at a time and day to be mutually agreed upon and regularly we will go to the gun range for a few hours. I will educate you on firearms use in a controlled environment with experts around. Read Ender’s game if you haven’t by now and write a report telling what, if anything, you have in common with Ender. Complete a report on the 1st 5 presidents of the United States providing a detailed, chronological explanation of events during each presidency and a brief history of the lives of each individual president. We’re going to sit and watch the Babylon 5 series together from start to finish. It has, in my opinion, the finest love story I’ve ever seen on film in addition to being one of the greatest TV shows of all time, and DEFINITELY the best at the time.

8th Grade – More advanced reading. Learn and demonstrate greater proficiency in Algebra and Geometry. More advanced science including demonstrating knowledge in Chemistry. Complete a science experiment including a full report and a display. Demonstrate a through understanding of the US constitution, the founding of the country, the declaration of independence including detailed information about the miraculous victory that was the American Revolution. Cover slavery and the civil war. Demonstrate advanced cooking skills to include frying, baking, and grilling. Participate in a 3 way debate w/ 2 other friends or family members and have a few additional friends and families around. Demonstrate knowledge about firearms, specifically rifles and pistols. Write a report on the Glenn Book control and thoroughly explain why the gun control argument is about nothing more or less than people control. Explain the moral underpinnings and common sense of the 2nd Amendment. Complete a report on every remaining president of the United States providing a detailed, chronological explanation of events during each presidency and a brief history of the lives of each individual president.

9th Grade – More advanced reading. Learn and demonstrate proficiency in Algebra II. Demonstrate greater knowledge of Anatomy and Biology. Learn and demonstrate an understanding of human history including the completion of a timeline project for the history of everything. Memorize all known country names and their respective capitals. Advanced critical thinking skills including having a debate competition with someone or a group of people. I’ll try to cobble together a few friends to sit for the debate competition so you can be scored and graded by multiple people. Demonstrate the ability to multiply any 2 2 digit numbers in your head and add any 2 3 digit numbers in your head. More critical thinking. Write a report on Ronald Regan and explain how he expanded personal freedom and crated the longest streak of peacetime economic growth in the countries history. Explain why lower taxes raise revenues to government up to a point. Demonstrate understanding and explain the true meaning of American Exceptionalism. Introduction to creationism vs evolution. More advanced critical thinking. Obtain a part time job, demonstrate personal responsibility by showing up to work on time, doing a good job, and work no less than 8 hours/week.

10th Grade – More advanced reading. Learn and demonstrate proficiency in Trigonometry. Learn and demonstrate greater knowledge in History and Science. Write separate reports on Rush Limbaugh, Margaret Thatcher, and [mc_name name=’Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’S000510′ ] and demonstrate thorough knowledge of the differences between liberalism/progressivism and conservatism/ Libertarianism. Demonstrate critical thinking skills including debate and the ability to think quickly on your feet. Conduct a research project on Genocide. Provide all of the examples you can throughout world history. Here’s a partial list – Hitler and the Jews, The Ottoman Empire [Turks] and the Armenians, ISIL and the Coptic Christians [note this Genocide is currently taken place in plain sight right now and just like the Armenian’s it’s almost going on ignored] (aka ISIS, formerly know as Al Qaeda, proceeded by the Muslim Brotherhood which was the 1st modern psychotic Islamic organization, though they have far more “legitimacy”, they’re every bit as bad as Al Qaeda, they just act like they’re more peaceful. Demonstrate knowledge about the Sykes Picot accord which leads to the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire. Explain how Barack Obama worked to restore the Ottoman Empire under the rule of psychotic Islamist and how far they’ve come along or how far they’ve been beaten back. Maintain part-time work and take on more hours. You may quit part-time work at this point if you can demonstrate a clear and convincing case that your time would be better spent doing something different but equally character building. Write a well thought out autobiography that explains your core principles and beliefs.

11th Grade – More advanced reading. Decide if you want to go into and advanced field such as Science, Engineering, Architecture, Medicine, Law or what not. At this point you’ll have had to make up your mind on weather or not you’re going to try to move on to a college level degree after you graduate high school. If you wish to go into a field like Science, Engineering, or Architecture you’ll need more advanced math than I’m capable of teaching you. At this point we’ll be consulting the internet and possibly tutors if you need expert help in higher math like Calculus. Write a report demonstrating the moral superiority of capitalism. Study Communism and Socialism. Demonstrate knowledge of Saddam Hussein, Che Guevara, Mao Zedong, Carl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, and at least one other infamous dictator or authoritarian head of state. Conduct a research project with the goal being to determine roughly how many people have been killed due to the ideologies of Communism and Socialism. Present a detailed report citing a minimum of 10 sources. Explain the concept of inter armas silent leges demonstrate an example(s) in each year between 2007 and 2015. I can think of some right now off the top of my head so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Write a small report identifying every known country to include current estimated known populations, governing style of each country including a brief summary of all the countries along w/ links to more information where available. You can probably find everything you need on en.Wikipedia.org. If you’re still working part-time at this point, evaluate your current career path. If not demonstrate a talent your passionate about and devote a great deal of time towards honing a talent or skill. This will be a requirement if you aren’t doing any part-time work. We’ll work together to figure out a way for you to earn money doing what you love. If you can figure out what that passion is at this point and have already honed it or at least begun to hone it, then you’ll be on the path to a happy and successful life.

12th Grade – College level reading. Calculus II if you chose to go that far w/ math, if you really go there we’re talking engineer or architect or certified math geek which would be extremely cool. This would mean that I’ve achieved the objective in teaching you everything I know and that you have now become smarter than I am at least in certain respects. Right now you’re about 2.5 years old so it’s too early to tell how this’ll work. Advanced placement level English. Choose and complete a thesis, minimum of 20 pages single spaced using times new roman 12pt, ideally it’s be longer. I’ll try to get a handful of other highly intelligent people to read your thesis with me. It’ll be useful and important to get multiple points of view. Complete phased tests that I come up w/ to demonstrate sufficient knowledge in all subject areas. This will be your final step before testing for your GED.

I’ll come up w/ a report card system to include your subjects and letter grades along w/ your GPA averages.

GED – At this point you ought to be more than ready to take your GED test. You should find it simple because you’ll have been home schooled [provided I get my way] there’ll be no “official school transcripts” So you’ll need to take your GED test to join the armed forces or move on to college. However we will have a complete record of your body of knowledge with notes, test scores, and the whole nine yards.

No set time – There is no hard set timeframe for your education. If you hit the grade standards early you may be ready to take your GED testing before the age of 18 which ought to enable you to enter college early if this is truly your desire. If this is to happen you must demonstrate a passion to become a highly skilled professional such as a lawyer, doctor, engineer, etc.

College – ok if you plan to go, how to pay for it? I suppose you could start a gofundme page the moment you seriously consider going to college and have it possibly be fully funded by others. If you don’t get a scholarship or help paying for college then you’ll likely have to do so largely on your own. I will not condone you going into debit over college or nearly anything else. I have no way of knowing what my financial situation will be like at that point.

Trade School – This is a more likely and practical option for you, particularly if you demonstrate overall talent but you’re unsure what you want to do with yourself. You can get certifications in MANY different fields. Operate large complicated machinery, be an electrician, plumber, PC repair person/network technician, become an insurance salesman, become a licensed CPA, ASE certified mechanic, et al I could likely make this list as long as the document currently is and still have not listed all of the licensed/credentialed professions. The nice thing about this kind of education is that it usually takes less than a year to complete. It’s FAR more affordable and you can immediately go out and start earning money.

Advice – I guess this is going to be a rather large section then, neh?

Learn to speak and read the English language to the best of your ability. You will stand out and above most others in the way you present yourself. Be mindful of your actions and everything going on around you at all times. Learn to step outside yourself and see you from the point of view of others and in doing so you’ll know yourself.

Thinking vs knowing – “We don’t want to think, we want to know.” Marsellus Wallace [Ving Rhames] in Pulp Fiction. IE – Christopher Columbus – I think he was that guy from Spain in the 1500 or 1600’s.

Knowing: Christopher Columbus born between 31-Oct-1450 and 30-Oct-1451, died 20-May-1506 was an Italian explorer, navigator, colonizer, and citizen of the Republic of Genoa. Under the auspices of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, he completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. Those voyages, and his efforts to establish permanent settlements on the island of Hispaniola, initiated the Spanish colonization of the New World. [source Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Columbus] Always cite your sources.

Develop a passion for reading and read a bunch of regular and graphic novels.

Find out what you love to do in life or what you’re most passionate about and find a way to make a living doing that thing.

Required reading list [as you become ready] All of these books are worth reading. Even though some of it is simply nice stories they all impart something vitally important.

Contemporary and past history – The purpose of these books is mainly to fill your mind with good information on recent history as well as teach critical thinking skills. Unlike most children you are going to have the ability to think critically and argue both sides of an issue. I’ll also teach you to the best of my ability for you to think on your feet and on your own and I’ll try to teach you to live your life based upon a series of core principles. Even if you come to disagree w/ some of my points of view I’ll work to teach you to become your own man and you’ll at least have a through understanding of both sides of an argument.

Glenn Beck – Arguing with Idiots – How to Stop Small minds and Big Government, The Overton Window, Agenda 21, Miracles and Massacres, Being George Washington, Control: Explaining the Truth about Guns, An Inconvenient Book, Conform – explains the truth about common core and public education, The Eye of Moloch, Agenda 21 – Into the Shadows, Cowards, Broke, The Original Argument: The Federalist Papers

Rush Limbaugh – The Way things ought to be, See I Told You So, Rush Revere series

Fiction [Science, Fantasy, et al] – Science fiction is just fun and in reading it I think you’ll become fascinated w/ science which will help your overall education. Plus the stories are so good

Orson Scott Card – Ender’s Game 1-9 – The Ender and Bean stories are great. In my personal opinion Orson Scott Card is the most skilled storyteller that I’m aware of at least in the novel format, Lost Boys

Vince Flynn – the novel series regarding a fictional CIA agent named Mitch Rapp – his story, friends, and adventures

Isaac Asimov – short stories, foundation serious, Robot Series [lots and lots of novels]

Neil Gaimen – Eternal Series graphic novels [Only after you turn 14, they simply aren’t appropriate for children but you ought to be ready then.

C.S. Lewis – Chronicles of Narnia 1-7 – Nice tales based upon Christian principles and traditional values

J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter series [1-7]

R.A. Salvatore – all novels pertaining to Drizzt Do’urden and the Spider Queen Series

Frank Herbert – Dune series per my own review – OMG this dude is AMAZING! He’s almost as good as Orson Scott Card

Ayn Rand – Anthem


The Quran – English translation – Islam itself is not pure evil, however there are elements of the faith that are evil and need to be reformed. Psychotic Islam is a pure Evil ideology that needs to be stopped and it’s important that you have a clear understanding of this threat because it’s likely to still be a threat when you’re fully grown. Even in the unlikely event that we succeed in defeating the ideology and reforming Islam to a tolerant of others religion it’s still important to understand Evil, call it by it’s name, and stand against it.

Christianity – The Christian religion has been one of the greatest forces for good in the history of mankind. In the past roughly a 1000 years ago they were brutal in the crusades, however they were fighting a holy war against Islam which was taking more and more of their territory at the time. Sometime after the crusades the Christian religion went through a reform and became committed to non-violence w/ exceptions for protecting yourself or protecting someone else.

Christianity centers around praying in the name of Jesus Christ, and asking God for forgiveness for ones sins. Being kind, chartable, and your best self.

Christianity is a catch-all term that includes a wide range of specific and related Religions – Orthodox, Coptic, Catholic, Lutheran, Mormon, Evangelical, and Baptist to name a few. Regardless of your faith Commandments 5-10 are good, solid moral principles, aka self-evident and eternal truth

The Christian faith has 10 commandments

(1) I am the Lord thy God
(2) Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.
(3) Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain
(4) Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy
(5) Honour thy father and thy mother
(6) Thou shalt not murder
(7) Thou shalt not commit adultery
(8) Thou shalt not steal
(9) Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor
(10) Thou shalt not covet (thy neighbor’s house, neighbor’s wife, neighbor’s servants, animals, or anything else)

There are a few various interpretations of this but I got what seems to cover everything here.

Religion is an incredibly complex topic. I couldn’t possibly give you a thorough understanding unless we have at least 300 years to be alive and study everything so we’ll go with brief explanations as you progress in your knowledge of history. In the study of World and US history alone you’ll get a decent education about the various world religions.

I need a honest assessment so I’m going to put this out there, is this at least as good as a regular K-12 education, I’m fairly certain it’s superior but I don’t know for sure.

First of all don’t see any wrong reviews.. Because firstly i see this whole book and its each page and then upload it on google play , its everything allright.. So, if you wanna buy this book then don’t think and go for it .Now ABOUT BOOK:- Tao of jeet kune do is a bruce lee book expressin…
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