Try Returning Something You Never Bought...

Go into your local Best Buy and tell them you want to return a television. When they ask you where the TV is, tell them you don’t have it but you want to return it anyway. They will then ask you where it is and you simply explain to them that you never bought one but you want the cash back for returning one. You need the money to pay some bills so you are expecting to get money back for something you never bought in the first place.

Sounds insane doesn’t it?

That’s exactly how insane Obama’s stimulus package is.

Now don’t get me wrong. Obama’s plan is a very popular one indeed. “Free money” ALWAYS is a popular idea. The problem is, to give away all this “free money” we have to borrow money from some people that don’t like us very much and that is debt we pass on to our children and grandchildren. There is a word for that…SELFISH!

Tax cuts on the corporate tax rate and capital gains WILL stimulate the economy. Every time it is done, tax cuts generate MORE REVENUE. The key is, and this is where Bush blew it, is you can’t take that revenue increase and spend twice as much as the increase gave!

FDR lengthened the Great Depression by at least 5 years by trying to have the government spend it’s way out of the Depression. Other President’s, some of whom were Democrats, realized that tax cuts were the key and they have worked each and every time.

It’s not rocket science. It’s learning from history.

It couldn’t be any simpler.