Michigan Unemployment Rate as of August 2008 8.9%up +1.7 with this year

  • The South Eastern Michigan area has been hit hard with job losses and foreclosures the area this article is published from has a 9.0% unemployment rate. Recent articles published by the Stae of Michigan Monthly Labor Force Trends & Highlights state that, “Since August 2005, unemployment levels in Michigan increased by 19,000 or 5.6 percent, while nationwide levels decreased by 3.4 percent.”

  • It has been said by senator OBama that he would like to use Michigan has his Economic Model for success, paterned after the 21st Century Jobs Program in Michigan. In a State Dominated by Democrats, we can not afford these policies at a national level, much less a local or State level.

  • Of special intrest should be the fact that even the “Obama Campaign headquartes has been hit hard as well by foreclosures”, as they to determine how best to do business in Michigan. I was not surprissed to see the lack of support for OBama in Michigan. Please refer to attached pictures showing the “Implosion” and lack of criticle support on the ground suffered by the Obama campaign. What looks good in Hollywood or on TV is a much different case than on the ground in Michigan.

  • The pictures show the FORECLOSURE of Campaign Headquarters in one of the key strong-hold districts in Pontiac Michigan. As you see there is nobody home, no action; one more building for sale in a Blue State.

[FORECLOSURE of Obama Campaign Headquarters in Michigan]