Tired of shady "conservatives"

Aren’t we all tired of sinking our hearts and soul into tea party candidates that just end up letting us down, or even embarrassing us? I was stunned to hear that Congressman Radel of Florida got caught in Washington DC with Cocaine.

Back in Michigan, Don Volaric has run for Congress multiple times. But when you try to look into whether he is worth supporting, you find very little. Unfortunately, what you do find is that he changed his name. Until 2000 year, he went by the name Donald Carden. It seems to me that someone who changed his or her name before running for public office might have something to hide. Does anyone out there have more information on Don Volaric?

I found a notice of his change of name. It is dated January 17, 2000 and is file number 2000-341-NC in the Macomb Circuit Court. The court approved his name change from Donald C Carden to Donald C Volaric.



It seems this guy did have something to hide, and he is NOT someone that tea party folks should be spending our time and resources on.  I am tired of our candidates embarrassing us.

I don’t understand how anyone can view Don Volaric as a serious, conservative, Tea Party Candidate.  The guy has been divorced twice, has a domestic violence case against him in California, changed his name after he got into legal trouble, and was accused by his former employer of acting “with oppression, fraud or malice in committing the acts of unfair competition…with a conscious disregard of Grafico’s rights….” and “By committing the aforementioned use and misappropriation and use of of Grafico’s trade secrets, Defendants acted with despicable, willful and malicious conduct…”.  Before anyone can trust him, he needs to come clean about these issues.