A Rehashing: The Long Ranging Effects of Obama’s First Term

Attempting to defend President Obama’s egregious record is as disadvantageous as a chocolate-covered child telling his parents he didn’t prematurely eat his birthday cake. Perhaps that is why Democrats have put so much effort into deterring our focus from the policies of the last four years to rallying cries of “Saving Big Bird” and other absurd soapboxes. Therefore, since Democrats are not willing, it is time to recall President Obama’s term and its lasting effects on the taxpayer before voting on Tuesday.

President Obama suggests he has cut taxes for small business owners and the middle class. Contrary to the white noise, President Obama has implemented a whole slew of mandates, congressionally approved or not, that imposes new taxes on citizens, businesses, insurance companies, and health providers.

Affecting families, when the Bush Tax Cuts expire January 1, 2013, the average taxpayer will see their income taxes increase by 3 percent and their child tax credit cut in half.  Because of Obamacare, over the next few years, families will also be confronted with an increase in taxes on Medicare Payroll, medical bills, and taxes for families without health insurance. As a result of excessive taxes, medicines, and screenings insurance companies are required to cover many insurance premiums are set to skyrocket in 2013. Case in point, my family’s premiums will increase 27% next year.

For businesses who fail to provide health coverage for qualifying employees, a fine of $2,000 per employee will be applied. This already has major companies like Darden (owner of Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Longhorn Steakhouse) threatening to limit employee hours to part time work in an attempt to avoid extraneous health care costs or fines.

As President Obama and Democrats rammed Obamacare through in 2010, they touted more accessible and inexpensive health insurance. Clearly, the real-time result seems to be higher taxes, less access to care, and more people underemployed all around the board. Further frustrations erupt when taxpayers are reminded that the law is nowhere near fully implemented.

While health care is said to hold one-sixth of the economy, the remaining five-sixths is also in disarray. Most visibly, the unemployment rate has hovered at or around 8 percent for 44 months out of our president’s 48-month-term and gas prices have skyrocketed from $1.87 a gallon in 2008 to $3.88 in 2012.

Our debt is especially feeling the effects of an Obama administration. Nearly six trillion dollars have been added to our national debt in the last four years alone. From day one, President Obama insisted high-strung spending was the golden key to improving our economy. Grimly, as I earlier noted, the only change we’ve seen is higher debt, unemployment, and gas prices. Not to mention, the backlash from the financial world that resulted in a credit downgrade.

The number of Americans receiving various forms of welfare has astronomically increased under the Obama administration. One in seven is now on food stamps and 975 Americans are added daily to federal disability insurance.

President Obama and his supporters continue to insist that it was impossible to completely solve every dilemma he inherited from his predecessor. What Democrats refuse to grasp is Americans are not concerned that President Obama was unable to fix the entire economy; it is that he mandated policies making the economy worse.

Michelle Stansbury is a political consultant, paid speaker, and Fox Radio Political Commentator. You can follow her on Twitter: @MBStansbury and Subscribe on Facebook here.