Bush v. Gore, score one for America !!

Nine years and one day ago, the U.S. Supreme Court squashed the Democrats’ attempt to steal the 2000 presidential election.  The vote-counting procedure prescribed by Florida law determined that George W. Bush had carried the state, but the Democrat-controlled Florida Supreme Court tossed out the state’s own election laws and made up new rules, in order to throw the election to Al Gore.  This Democrat scam embarrassed the nation before the world with a sorry spectacle of hanging chads and military absentee ballots tossed out and a recount only of selected Democrat-controlled counties.

In the decision Bush v. Gore, the Justices handed down two rulings.  By 7-2, the Justices ordered that the Florida Supreme Court had to obey Florida law.  Then, by 5-4, the Justices ruled that the Florida election result was final.

With his victory in Florida upheld, George W. Bush won the electoral college and became the 43rd President of the United States.

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