Take Back Congress

We have an excellent opportunity this year to control both the Executive and Legislative branches of government. I believe John McCain will beat Obama in a landslide not seen since Reagan crushed Mondale. The presidency was a lock for Republicans even before the Palin nomination. Sarah Palin will solidify the base, and at the same time, bring in women and reform-minded Independents. The outcome at the top of the ticket is more certain than ever.

Now, we need to begin to focus on taking back Congress. There is a big difference between Repulicans and Democrats when it comes time to vote. Republicans take voting very seriously, most of us begin counting the days leading up to the election, and cannot wait to go to the polling place and make our voices heard. We will enthusiastically pull the lever for our candidate, even if we know he or she has no chance of winning. The same cannot be said for the dems. If they don’t think their candidate will win, many of them will just stay home and watch Oprah or Jerry Springer. They lose interest in politics very easily. It’s similar to the way a pro football team has die-hard fans and fair-weather fans. We are the die-hards.

Our strategy should focus on driving up John McCain’s pre-election poll numbers, to a point where the dems become demoralized, and decide to sit this election out. If millions more Republicans than Democrats show up at the polls, we will take back congress, in addition to giving McCain/Palin a mandate not seen in decades. As to the task of driving up the pre-election poll numbers, I can only suggest the following, even though it may sound obvious:1. Convince friends and co-workers that John McCain is the better choice.2. Defend Sarah Palin against the attacks from the MSM.3. Put a McCain bumper sticker on your car and wear McCain gear, let them see that it’s cool to support John McCain.4. When people complain about the economy, tell them that the reason for it is HIGH ENERGY COSTS, and McCain has an ambitious energy plan that focuses on environmentally safe oil exploration as well as alternative forms of energy5. When people complain about the war, tell them it is winding down, and more and more troops are coming home. Remind them that we have not had a terrorist attack in this country since 9/11, because the terrorists have been too busy fighting our troops in Iraq.

In addition, the RNC should be working on commercials that show our victorious troops coming home while Harry Reid is saying “This war is lost” and Nancy Pelosi is saying “The surge is working because of the Iranians.”

This election holds immense opportunity for our party, because of the weakness of the opposition’s candidate and the most unpopular Congress in history. Let’s take advantage of this and make 2008 a year to remember.