Apparently the worst is over in New Orleans. Flooding and storm related damage was minimal compared to Katrina. The levees held, and the Army Corps of Engineers should be given credit for the reinforcement work they did since Katrina. The evacuation of 2 million people went like clockwork. We’ll see if the MSM applauds FEMA and the Bush administration for their fantastic job of planning and carrying out the largest evacuation in U.S. history. I won’t hold my breath.

The oil rigs emerged unscathed, and oil is trading at less than $110 a barrel. Oil prices are on their way to drop below $100 a barrel, and pump prices should soon be well below $3 a gallon. Correspondingly, prices at the supermarkets will be coming down as well. The economy is set for a dramatic rebound before the election. In addition, the war in Iraq is winding down, and the wisdom of John McCain’s Surge Strategy is more evident with each passing day. In short, life is good and getting better. This should weaken the dem’s arguments against George W. Bush’s policies, and allow John McCain to continue to rise in the polls.

On to the convention! With Gustav behind us, the MSM will hopefully devote as much attention to the Republican National Convention as they did to the Socialist Extravaganza in Denver. Sarah Palin’s speech is sure to draw huge ratings, and will be one of the most anticipated speeches in recent memory. I know she will do a great job. John McCain will have to be in top form, so as not to be outdone by the Palin speech. I predict a 10 point lead for McCain/Palin after the convention bounce. In November, I predict a 49 state landslide for our team. My state, Hawaii, will be the only one to stick with Obama after 2 more months of gaffes, misstatements, and the realization that this guy is not “The One” to lead our country.