Tha MSM gearing up for a total trashing of Republicans. They are already covering Gustav 24/7. They cannot wait to portray us as uncaring and self-serving fatcats staying in fancy hotels, while the poor people of New Orleans are losing everything, again. When Katrina hit, the MSM was easily able to convince most people that the slow response was George Bush’s fault. They will have no trouble telling everyone that because most prominent Republicans are in Minnesota, relief efforts are being hindered. We may be able to blunt this attack, that is sure to come, by raising money for the displaced victims and cutting the convention short. But, this does not change the fact that we will not get the undivided attention of the American people to show off our candidates and rising stars, the way the dems were able to. The MSM will be only to eager to cut away from an important speech, in order to show another flooded home or another refugee’s story. I understand that postponing the Convention will present a logistical nightmare and result in alot of unhappy attendees. However, going through with it will give the dems and their allies in the media a perfect chance to rip us to shreds. John McCain should announce that the Convention is being postponed for a week or two, and, that he is using campaign funds and RNC money to fly and bus thousands of convention attendees to New Orleans to help sandbag, deliver releif and help in anyway they can. This natural disaster could become a political disaster and erase all of the gains the McCain team has made in the past few weeks. Or it could show the American people that Republicans care about the common man, more than their political ambitions. Postpone the Convention, help the releif effort, return to Minnesota and win this election.