No Class in Warfare

The democrats have chosen to use the term “class warfare” for their political jihad. They have shouted it through print media, through cyberspace, from the halls of congress, from behind the bully-pits at townhall meetings, and I imagine if given the opportunity they would shout it from the rooftops. Today, Obama shouted his message from the banks of the Ohio River.

President Obama spoke from the bank of the Ohio during his campaign speech using the backdrop of the Brent Spence Bridge which connects Ohio and Kentucky.

President Obama, in his bid for re-election, was there on the banks of the Ohio to sell his infrastructure jobs bill to the public. But why Cincinnati? According to Rep. Geoff Davis (Ky), the bridge is owned by Kentucky. Is it possible that Obama came there because it is a state the democrats have to win to get elected? This was his second visit to the state in 2 weeks. And V.P. Biden has been there twice this month as well. During his speech, he made sure to point out that the Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner is from Ohio and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is from Kentucky. Well, they didn’t receive a shout-out but perhaps you could call it a mention. Or maybe a better term would be “a dig”.

It’s ok for a candidate to go into the district of his/her opponent to point out problems. That’s politics. But since President Obama wants to play that card,

“Let’s shuffle up and deal”.

Let’s start with a Republican campaign photo-op at the front entrance of Solyndra. You remember, that green job success under Obama’s watchful eye. No wait they went bankrupt and are under investigation. Hey, where are those employees?

Just imagine Republican campaign photo ops at Lightsquared or Affordable Housing Center (alleged spin-off of ACORN). Each time, while at the location, giving President Obama a “shout-out”. Ok, I’ll admit it, “a dig”.

I wonder how loud the left would scream if they turned on their televisions and there stood a Republican presidential candidate at the Lone Wolf Gun Store in Arizona. The Lone Wolf Gun Store, located in Arizona, was involved in selling the “fast and furious” gun which later was used in the killing of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Can we give Obama a shout?