Our Kids: When Will They Ever Learn?

There are many reports to be found on the internet regarding education in the United States. Articles about needing more money, more teachers, healthcare and pension funding for those teachers, state rankings, and the national ranking of the U.S. compared to other countries. As I browsed the internet today, I found an article regarding education that makes all of the above-mentioned topics obsolete and, to be honest, unnecessary.

According to this article,178 teachers, principals, and administrators in Atlanta, Georgia have been cheating to raise student test scores on standardized tests. The investigation was conducted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation with, so far, 82 of the 178 having confessed.

Is this the only school system to bypass the “old school methodology” of teaching to achieve? As stated in the article, “This appears to be the largest of dozens of major cheating scandals, unearthed across the country.”

It appears that it matters not whether a child in school actually learns anything just as long as the school system can show success and obtain funding. It matters not that children don’t actually learn but that the school staff can pat themselves on the back for a “job well done” even while using questionable tactics.

One of the things I found really appalling in the article is this:

“On its face, the investigation tarnishes the 12-year tenure of Superintendent Beverly Hall, who was named US Superintendent of the Year in 2009 largely because of the school system’s reported gains – especially in inner-city schools. She has not been directly implicated, but investigators said she likely knew, or should have known, what was going on. In her farewell address to teachers in June, Hall for the first time acknowledged wrongdoing in the district, but blamed other administrators.”

Now is the cheating scandal in Georgia and across the nation the only thing that places a cloud over the education system in America? Not by a long shot.

I wrote a blog a few days ago about teachers in California spending classroom time teaching about unions. Included in the class were topics, such as: union organizing, creating union logos and membership cards, union history, strikes, collective bargaining, and the list goes on.

It was also reported yesterday that the California legislature has passed a bill that mandates the school system to teach gay and lesbian historical accomplishments.

I wonder how our children are supposed to learn in an education system that spends time on social issues. I wonder how our children are expected to learn when those responsible for teaching them rely on cheating to pass tests.

Our Kids: When Will They Ever Learn

I suggest, when the educators start teaching.