The Game Is On: Who Holds The "Trump" Card


Have you ever played a game of cards that designated a card or suit of cards as a trump card? I would think that most people have. The

“Free Dictionary” defines a trump card as:

“1. A card in the trump suit, held in reserve for a winning trick.

2. A key resource to be used at an opportune time.”

The political players are preparing for the game of 2012 and the trump card has been designated. Actually, this card has possibly been pre-selected, so to speak. Enter the trump card for the 2012 presidential run: None other than the one, the only, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, whether he actually throws his hat into the 2012 presidential arena or not, has become a highly discussed and debated voice in politics. It is that voice that should have some people wondering, “why now”. And why should he be thought of as a trump card. Who is playing that card?

Donald Trump, while posturing for a 2012 GOP bid for President of the United States has been donating a considerable amount of funds to the political players of the Democratic Party. As reported on CBS news from an article in the

Washington Post,