Simply Outrageous

It is an outrage. A complete OUTRAGE. A moderate Muslim woman is photographed without a head covering and proper covering of her arms and shoulders. By the police no less.

Nour Hadid’s husband and the Muslim community are up in arms about the photo. It is an affront to Islam. They are indignent over this insult.

Story here.


Nour Hadid had a mug shot taken because she had spent 4 days beating her niece Bhia Hadid, 2 years old, to death.

Still waiting for the outrage from the Muslim community over the horrible death of a 2 year old girl.

We are not a Christian nation, we are not a Jewish Nation, we are not a Muslim nation. We are a nation of ideals. 

Beating a 2 year old girl to death over a 4 day period is less of an crime to be outraged over than a photo of a murderer without a head scarf in a mug shot. After all, Alaeddin Hadid , the husband of the accused, has no afront to his honor when his wife murders his niece. Only when his wife gets a mug shot taken. And of course, that is a much more important ideal.