Science Advisor John Holdren admits Administration has no clue on Global Warming

In an interview on April 8, 2009, John Holdren, Dear Leader’s Science Advisor states:

“We don’t understand the system well enough to predict it’s responses in detail.”

Now, I am somewhat confused. I have been brainwashed and brow beaten by Al Gore and his ‘consensus’ of experts to believe that they have this Global Climate System all down to a predictable science. They know EXACTLY what the response the system will have to certain carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas levels will be. The seas will rise, no, wait, Dear Leader is President now. This will be the beginning of the Earth Healing and the rising sea levels receding.

Of course John Holdren knows exactly what will happen:

“That means there is always a danger if you try to engineer the system on a large scale that you will do something that will have side effects that are worse than the dimension of the problem you’re trying to cure.”

So, let’s get right on that ‘fix’ for a system we don’t understand and see what kind of dangerous side effects we can get that we can’t predict. I can’t wait to see what we get.

It makes me wonder. But I need not worry. I am sure, absolutely certain, I tell you, that Dear Leader’s Economic advisers understand the capitalist system just as well as his Science advisers understand the climate system. It’s not like someone on the team can’t figure out how to use a common tax preparation software program.

So when they tell me that the Cap and Tax Carbon policy will be great, I have HOPE. I am sure there will be no dangerous unpredictable side effects for the Economy of the World. Besides the predicted $1800.00 extra cost for energy per year per household in America. That can’t be worse than high gas costs that helped people fall behind on their mortgages and cause a near Global Economic Meltdown.