Left floats Obama Dictatorship possibility

The prospect of Dear Leader ZerO becoming a dictator was made public by the left. On Monday March 30, 2009 Daily News Show with Jon Stewart, Jon Stewart was interviewing Jack Cafferty. Jon Stewart floated that since no one knew what to do about Americas troubles, that Dear Leader ZerO’s children should be put in charge of different government agencies and we should just go with a Dictatorship and see how it goes.

If Jon Stewart and Jack Cafferty are on a version of the Jlist or the Jlist itself, this may be the new talking point of the left. Bringing it up on a ‘comedy’ news show could be way of giving them an ‘out’. They could reasonably claim it as a joke. However, a recent survey indicated that about 36% view with favoribility Jon Stewart’s show. This would make it an excellent testing platform for the idea.

The repetition of this prospect on other venues and how well the youth who saw the show begin to ‘spontaneously’ sport Dear Leader ZerO Dictatorship slogans and t-shirts will indicate the acceptance of the proposal.

ZerO in Charge
ZerO in Charge