Junior Senator Barack Obama and his tax plan

Junior Senator Obama, you claim raising taxes is not socialism. You are right, raising taxes isn’t socialist. We ALL should pay our fair share of taxes. Taxes to build roads, schools, hire policeman, and build the strongest military in the world to protect our freedom and safety. This is called taxes “for the common welfare”. That is in the constitution, twice. If we need to raise taxes to provide for our safety and freedom, then more taxes it should be.

However, you are wrong if you want to raise taxes to give welfare payments to some Americans by stealing money from Americans you think make too much money. Nineteen people stealing from one rich person is not just. You are not Robin Hood. He took money back from the governement in power that was stealing from the poor with high taxes, and gave it back to the poor. You are stealing from the rich their hard earned money, and giving it to people that earned not one cent of it. This “spreading the wealth around” may sound great, but it is a cancer on the soul of America. It destroys self esteem and character.

Socialism is defined as, “any of various political philosophies that support social and economic equality, collective decision-making, and public control of productive capital and natural resources, as advocated by socialists.” Senator Obama, your “spread the wealth around” is equivalent to useing public control to force economic equality. That sir, is the definition of “socialism”. Socialism is the road from capitalism, where we can all be rich, to communism, where we are all poor.

We are Americans. We are not wards of the state. We make our own way. We are not parasites, or thieves. Do not make us one. It is not the American way.


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