Barack Obama and his cousin Raila Odinga

A lot has been said and intimated about Barack Obama and his friend Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers is not Barack Obama’s only bad judgement in friends. A man he supported in Kenya, in a run to be Kenyan President, had his supporters protest when he lost the election. Raila Odinga, an Anglican, allied himself with National Muslim Leaders Forum (the Leaders, NAMLEF) and its associates the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. During the weeks of ‘protesting’, over 800 people died, and churches burned, one with 200 people seeking sanctuary inside of which 35 burned to death. Hundreds of thousands fled in terror. He had his supporters continue this until a UN mediation gave him the office of Prime Minister with extra powers. Barack Obama stumped for Raila Odinga in 2006, and raised $950,000 for his campaign fund.


Watch the next video and listen for when the Luo tribesmen rioting declare themselves Taliban.


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