Soak the Fat Boys

Junior Senator Obama has a new message, a new message of Hope! A new message of a Right to Medical Care. A new message of Change.


Soak the Fat Boys

Spread the Wealth

Redistribute the Wealth”


I now see the light Obamessiah.

I need not work hard and achieve the American Dream. I do not need to save up for a house, you will harrass the banks into giving me a mortgage loan even if I don’t have a job, then bail me out when I can’t pay the loan.

I do not have to set aside some of my salary and invest for my retirement, you will provide entitlements for my old age.

I need not put in extra time to build up my business so I can have work for more employees, they will get to be employeed as ‘Get out the vote’ community organizers (for less then minimum wage if you can get the court judges you want).

I have no need to help my children learn and get good grades in school so they can get a scholarship, you will give them money for school no matter how much they study.

I can not vote for less government spending and a balanced budget, or else how will you pay me for my vote.

I will just sit back and let the suckers work towards the American Dream and let you steal their money when they do and give it to me.