Serious Danger!

I stayed awake all night crying after the announcement that Barrack Hussein Obama is our next President. I felt completely betrayed by so called co-citizens for spitting on John McCain for his 50 years of service to our country. In the final days of the campaign I felt so passionate about McCain winning that I flew from Arizona to Allentown, Pennsylvania to work on his campaign. I worked 10 hours per day, canvassing, calling and scheduling surrogates to speak on his behalf. In this effort to recruit votes for John McCain I was told repeatedly by local citizens, I want Obama because I need all the free stuff he is offering. I already have cancelled my health insurance and intentionally placed myself in the 40% of the population that receives welfare checks. No matter what I angle I took to convince them there is a good chance that Obama cannot keep these promises, they all reminded me that it was “change” that they were looking for and that it was their turn for free stuff. While I was in the state, Obama dropped off 4000 borderline criminals to burn McCain signs and paid them $11.00 per hour while they worked. During one week’s time, we lost 10,000 signs and we did not have the money in the campaign to replace them. At a rally in Pottsville, Pennsylvania where John McCain was speaking, we were called “racist” by small children on bicycles outside the event. So much that was going on in the Obama campaign never hit the news. I would have never believed that this level of intimidation was possible if I didn’t witness it with my own eyes.

We bused in from Manhattan, NY 500 Republicans and Democrats that wanted to fight for McCain. Their treatment by Pennsylvania citizens was unbelievable. I returned home the night before the election, still feeling hopeful that McCain had a chance. I told myself that it is not possible to take a man of such high integrity and service to his country and also a long family history of devotion to their country, stand him side by side next to a man with three years in the US Senate of which two were spent campaigning and choose Obama instead of McCain. What I found most frightening was how quickly the contest was over. It appears if you get just Ohio, Pennsylvania, California and other small states you have won. Anyone can be President. In the larger Red states where people stood in line to vote, there votes were never even counted until after we had the President Elect Barrack Hussein Obama. As I thought this through carefully I came to a conclusion, we as Republicans would be foolish to participate in anyway with this new government Obama says in his speech that he needs the rest of us to untie as Americans, I have no intention of ever uniting with this man. I think there is a few points that we should all ponder, CONSERVATIVE SURVIVAL SKILLS: #1 All Republicans should band together and move to a few of the large red states, like Utah, Montana or Oklahoma and create a government of our own that works for ourselves and our kids. We need to protect ourselves from foreign attacks that will certainly come as a result of Obama’s weak stance on foreign policy. #2 If all Republicans band together and refuse to support financially support Obama’s supporters and the illegal citizens that will soon claim citizenship with our tax money, even Barrack Obama does not have enough jail cells for 50,000,000 people. #3 Encourage all military people serving in the middle east to let their enlistments lapse under Bush and come home early before the shameful surrender. They need to return to protect their own families from the upcoming disaster. #4 On purpose, set yourself up financially to become one of the 40% currently not paying taxes and take advantage of our new welfare state, in the event that you are unable to move to a red state. If you are currently day trading or have long term investments pull out every nickel! Put it in cash in your mattress if necessary. Cash out your 401 K’s before Obama and Nancy seize them. Remember the African American Franklin Reins made 90 million dollars in five years off the sweat of our back and Obama has many more “Franklin Reines” waiting for great financial rewards again off of the sweat of our backs.#5 Boycott all liberal businesses-Don’t shop go to a Doctor a Dentist a School a Dry Cleaner. Any day in and day out task where you would need to spend money be sure they are owned and operated by conservatives.We must stick together!

In closing, I had the unfortunate experience of witnessing the airplanes flying thru the towers that day on 9/11. I was there that day. I believe that the attacks will repeat themselves on a much grander scale. It is our personal duty and right to protect ourselves and our loved ones from a government that will certainly not be able to protect us in the future. Please forward this to as many of your like minded friends as possible. I feel like with the higher populations in the uncounted Red States in upcoming elections that we can make a difference in the next election if we band together and relocate there. 57 million Americans across this country voted for McCain, we as conservatives must work together to get the message out to 57 million people across this country to DO NOT under any circumstances stand behind Barrack Hussein Obama! If we stay steadfast in this commitment we can do to him what the democrats did to Bush and repeat the mantra “Not 4 more years of Obama” as they did to Bush. Then we will have a greater chance of winning the next election. Do not fall for the pundits that say we are all Americans and we need to stand behind Obama. We have the constitutional right to resist his power!